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BUMP!!!!  But, worth it...another crown for your collection, cookie!!!  Perfect too! I have to think hard.....😬....


V ..... ummm, ahhhh....ohhhhhhh....geee
 about VELVEETA!!!


NEXT ..... W 

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Oh cookie! that Texas Cookie Crown is perfect!! good luck with the rest of your Crown Hunting ... I agree, looking up different things on the computer is very relaxing and almost like a Calgon moment ... 🛁


walker, you did it! you were able to come up with a good V 😁


See you later ..


W ~ Wonderful new Crowns ... or Waffles


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Guess what I found???  I realized that we don't have a crown for our Queen Bee -                                         



                                     Q Queen Bee with a crown.jpg





This will complete the SCC Crowns (I hope)  unless, of course I find better ones.  But since I am also  the Crowning Queen, I guess I can do that.


X - Xtra Yays for our Queen Bee  or X' tra Mimosas to celebrate this occasion!


Z - next




There is no fun in doing nothing when you have nothing to do.
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👏👏👏👏WAY TO GO, cookie!!  You are the Crowning Queen for sure!  Next we can have birthday crowns and holiday crowns too....endless fun!  You could open your own shop......The Cookie Crown Shop! 😂


Z ..... Zucchini


NEXT .... A 



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Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Hello friends ... cookie! you did it once again!! a perfect crown for our Queen Bee ... I like walkers idea of opening up your own shop ... and I love the name "The Cookie Crown Shop" ... the possibilities are endless ...


Have a good night ... see you later!!


A ~ Another great Crown ... or Asparagus


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Oh thanks for the crown!!!!

We are finally getting much needed rain. Anything will help.

Spent the morning trying to schedule two medical appointments. What happened to someone answering the phone!!!

Ts was an experience. On Monday arrived to find clueless Clara and Noisey Posy there. After several hours nurse Brenda appears. Not sure what she had been doing. Probably shoppjng. Clueless asked about schedule. We havevhad this same schedule since Covid. Bot new. Every task was news. Well Nosey had her head on A swivel. She could catch a snipet of conversation and immediate interject. Along with shoelady who talks nonstop even if NO ONE is listening Madd my head hurt. Well Nosey has been out a lot due to medical issues but boy she wanted to know the scoop. Of course it will be repeated with embellishments and half facts.

Well Wednesday brings this cast along with whiney gal and its all about me. All about me had Covid 3 months ago. Still being a martyr.
WG and AAM were huddled competing notes. I don't put my business on the streets and am careful about we hst I choose to share in public. Tommorrow and Saturday will be a test. I think I prefer working solo. When I would get up someone would grab my spot snd work bucket. Nosey wanted to know what was in various totes. Hello if you needed to know you would! I had told her to do a radk--she went off and wondered around. Yes we are all volunteers but we had things that needed yo get done.

Cafe is closed this weekend. I think they night have an outbreak. Everyone was masked. First ti.d since things eased. I wish everyone well.
Listening to tge music of thunder rumbles. Fortunately my dogs aren't affected.

B: bacon. Oh a BLT sounds good

C; next
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Good morning ~


Wow !! kittyfan, you have had some trying time at the TS.  Nosy Posy and Clueless Clara, AND. . .  WG, AAM  all in one week.  Don't blame you for wanting to work solo.  I agree - be careful who you share info with and keep personal stuff off the streets.  You are a wise Queen Busy Bee.  Glad you liked your crown.  Wasn't the rain nice!! We got thunder as well.


Tootie, love your suggestion about  Cookie Crown Shop - made only from cookies???  YUM!  another Queenly idea from ♛walker😊 I think the rin that we got did come from you as it only lasted a short time, but so welcome.  Thank you!  It's no wonder you are our Marvelous Mimosa Merry MakerQueen.  


I think I have a great name for the crown shop - The Crowning Glories - any other ideas?  I'm open for suggestions since you all have always had great ones.  This may turn into another MGR spectacular - ha ha 😄


Shout out to our Queen of Queens  ~


Passing the coffee ~


C - the Cafe and their delicious food . . . .  or cupcakes 

D - next


There is no fun in doing nothing when you have nothing to do.
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Good morning friends ... wow kittyfan, you sure do encounter some characters at the TS ... I laughed about Nosey Posey's head being on a swivel and then commenting on things (ugh!!) and just wandering around ... if you're there to help out then ... help out!! ... I guess you just have to learn to grin and bear it and work solo ... makes for an easier day!! I hope today is better for you ... that's too bad about the Cafe being closed ... I guess Covid is going to stick around forever!!


cookie, I like your choice of The Crowning Glories for your shop ...


walker, I hope your grandkids had a good first day of school.


We're at a nice 66 degrees now and will go up to 84 ... we're going to our County Fair tomorrow with DS/DIL and the kids ... it's supposed to be good weather.


Have a good day ... pouring and passing.


D ~ Doughnuts




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Good Morning Friends!  🇺🇸🙏...😎


Happy Friday!  Another week rolls around....goes faster all the time!  Hold on ladies...we are spinning...HA...well, I am anyway.


kittyfan, what a cast of " characters" you have at the TS. Again, my head spins..😂....and yours has a big headache from them!  Clueless Clara,  Nosy Posey, WG, AAM...and one BUSY BEE!!  Busy Bee just wants to get the job done! Get out of my way!  I would have a headache with those gals too.  You deserve a large mimosa!!  Hey...maybe take a thermos with you to work??  No one would ever guess...our secret!  🤣


cookie, you are the Crowning Queen ... your shop...your name...Crowning Glories is good one...have to laugh because you may only have SCC as customers..😂.

But, you would meet a lot of new people who would come in to see "what the heck is this?"....hmmm....maybe if you serve "cookies" and "mimosas" ...that's it...push mimosas and sell more crowns.  Here I go again.....babbling away...crazy Queen!


Tootie, what fun going to the County Fair with family.  LG will love it....LS too...glad you will have good weather.  Blend in with crowd and police will never notice you from past escapades....😆!!  (sounds like I have been nipping on mimosas already....wound up Queen..LOL)


GS and GD had a good day yesterday but GS not happy with schedule and not being in class with many of his friends....oh fun...he will have to listen to teachers!  Ha!  As DD says "he'll survive".


OK....away I go......going nowhere...going crazy though...

say good-bye Queenie....👋👋...see you later!


E .... Extra-Lean Ground Beef


NEXT .... F 





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Hey walker ~  another great idea from your queenly brain!  I can propose this - buy a Mimosa with a cookie and get a crown of choice FREE!!  Kill two birds with one stone.  Of course SCC is always complimentary! 😊  I did think of a cookie shop with a crown for every dozen.  But.... I love cookie dough as well as the finished product, so that idea is not a good one - diabetes says NO!😣


Enjoy the State Fair with the littles Tootie!  Wait until they see what a great MGR rider you are! 🎠🎠


Pass the Mimosas please ~


F - French Frries

G - next

There is no fun in doing nothing when you have nothing to do.