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I could have met Cookie for tea snd crumpets. Yes; sleepless in Texas.

Well I looked at posts. Thought of everything bagels too!!!

Fell asleep for a bit. So dimming lights. Coffee pot ready for Cookie.

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Good morning ~ 


kittyfan, we are getting the rain predicted right now (4am) and cooler temps with it - 76.  Enjoy this for the morning as it should be gone in the afternoon.I will be doing nothing today.  Sometimes it takes me all day to do nothing!!!


I was just going to ask Tootie to send some of her rain down and voila!  the weatherman predicted correctly!  Right now it is thundering - didnt see any lightning though.  Rain on!   Tea and crumpets - yum. ☕🍰   


Nothing going on here  wah wah Wednesday🙁 I am sure the dogs will have to go out, so I see mud in my future. Good day for a UB! 😊 


Tootie and walker ~  🎈🧨📣✨ Party on


Passing the coffee ~


G - Guava juice for our Mimosas

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Good morning friends ... oh cookie, I would have gladly sent some of our rain down to you ... we're supposed to have about another hour of it and then it is supposed to clear up ... we'll see if that happens.


kittyfan, hope you were able to get your sleep ... anything new going on at the TS?


walker, how is your GS's toe coming along?


We're supposed to go up to 57 today .. maybe we'll get to see some sun 🌞


Have a good day ... pouring and passing.


H ~ Ham and Eggs ... breakfast anyone?? with Mimosas!


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Good Morning Friends!  🇺🇸☕️🍂🎃



HA....Wah Wah Wednesday!  Funny, cookie.  At least we don't have rain today but....returning tomorrow and Friday....wah...wah!!


GS's toe is ok, I guess, Tootie.  I did see him Sunday for a few minutes.  He has both a boot to wear and a sandal type shoe for a month!  I bet there won't be any more running in house....maybe...with the three boys you never know what sets them off!  Good thing they all have their own bedroom for time-out!



kittyfan, sorry you are tossing and turning like cookie.  I understand.  Sometimes the nights seem so long when you lie awake.  I rarely "sleep like a baby"...once in a blue moon really.  I think if I could stay up late I might but I tend to start falling asleep by 9:00....🥴.  I have a friend who takes something to help her sleep.  I'm not doing that....oh wait.....extra Grandma Meds!  😂  Probably not a good idea either. Ha! 

My paper delivery guy must be having sleepless nights because lately he is LATE!!!  I don't want the paper at 9AM!

I'm getting used to just reading it online now.


I really had nothing to say today but I filled a lot of space...😂😂.   So easy to just sit and chat with my friends. Ready for the ham and eggs, Tootie!  👍 And, always a mimosa too...😊.


Happy Wednesday!  See you later with more nothing to



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Good morning. Rain has passed. I also didn't have lightening just rain

I heard a report that front row seat for the world series was $8,000. I guess if you have plenty of money!!!

The house in my neighborhood that burned was deemed arson. I didn't know people. Would see teens playing Basketball in drive. Finally d clean up. Since I turn at that corner happy to see this.

On FB I saw someone post about a local Cafe. Sold to New owners. Said wouldn't be making changes. Well that hasn't happened and folks not happy. I know that is an incredibly tough business. But a loyal following is critical

Still processing changes at Cafe. I know they were necessary but I will voice my opinions at some point in time. I have been such a loyal supporter I feel I need to voice my opinion. May not make a difference but I will voice my opinion

Got the TS schedule for next year. Still thinking about new niche. I have seen people come and go. I have been a part of this from the beginning.

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A late newspaper is not an option!!!

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Re: Thyme For Fun!

[ Edited ]

Hi there......back again.....very sad about that arson, kittyfan, what a shame.  And, $8000 🤑 for ticket to World Series....NO WAY!!!  Why on earth would it be so expensive?  Better come with limo service to and from ball park...seats in private box with drinks and dinner too!  Still too much $$$$ 💸💸.  Only for rich with money to blow!


I think when the time is right you should express your opinion about changes at Cafe, kittyfan.  You are probably the best customer they have!  As you said, may not make a difference but still let them know.  Maybe when you come in you will get VIP service! 

Have not heard from my brother in few days.  He said he has to pass two days of negative Covid tests before he can get out of quarantine.  So, guess he will let me know when he is a free bird again.  I assume my SIL is still ok.

I did schedule my booster shot...🥴...early Nov...DH too.


Sure enough paper arrived at 9AM again.  I am going to be patient this week and then call.  Probably can't get enough drivers....sign of times...too bad.


Bye for now.


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Hello friends ... kittyfan, $8,000 for World Series tickets?? yikes!! I can't even imagine that ... like walker said, "only for rich with money to blow" ... someday you will get your chance to tell them about the changes at the Cafe ...


walker, I guess "no news is good news" on your DB and SIL ... my DH got his booster shot this past Saturday ... no side effects at all (and he never had any with his first two either) and he just scheduled his shingles shot for this Saturday ... he said "you should get one too" ... ugh! I said "not yet!!" ... I'll get the booster when it's available for me and then I'll consider the shingles shot ... our doctor did suggest we get the shingles shot ... too many vaccines, we're not pin cushions!! ...


Do you enjoy reading the paper online?? ... that's what I do now ... I thought for sure I wouldn't like it but I got used to it and really enjoy reading online now.


Have a good night ...


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Good afternoon ~


Sunny and breezy all day - no more rain!  kittyfan, sorry about the house in your neighborhood.  Arson - what is wrong with people.  Hope there were no injuries.  I agree with Tootie and walker, you should voice your opinion when the time is right.  You are their number one loyal and best customoer!  


walker, hope your DB is doing okay and you hear from him soon!  Newspapers?  I had to switch to online as well.  Not too bad and tthe best part is no coffee rings and crumbs to interfere with the articles!😊 I am a slob when I read the papers.  


$8000.00 for front row seats?????  Oh let's just get 2 each and fly in on QA🤩.  It's just $$$.  I cannot imagine spending that on tickets for anything!  


Shout out to Tootie 🌻


M - Mimosas  - always good especially when made by Tootie

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There is no fun in doing nothing when you have nothing to do.
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OK...jumping in so cookie does not have to answer herself in the morning....🤣.  Yes, QA to World Series...HA!!  No problem....only play money here....haha!


Tootie, after you get through booster shot, think about Shingles while you have insurance to cover it.  Once you go to Medicare it is not covered and it is not cheap.  I have not had the shot....missed opportunity while under DH's insurance.  Oh well....going to take my chances now..heard from friend it is $300 a shot and you need two.  I can afford it but don't want to spend that...stubborn..ha!


OK....I will clean up kitchen so kittyfan doesn't have pot ready to go, cookie!




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I am here. Just getting on. Yes definitely get shingles shot. I has them. Pneumonia shot as well.

Book club posted an event at library. Quilts of Underground Railroad. So I decided to go. Library a quick trip. Was very interesting.

Book club ladies there also. Some of rhrm. Learned the book was ^dry" I have it need to dive in. She apologized for the choice. Hard to pick a book! Decided to stop at downtown restaurant. Had to walk about 1.5 blocks. Food was good but I was thinking portions much smaller. It has been a long time so I may not remember.

Windy today. Had a large branch down.

Turning lights out. Coffee ready for early birds

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