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BUMP!  Hi cookie!  

V ..... VELVEETA grilled sandwich for Tootie!


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Hello ... I'm finally back to normal (what?? is that even possible?? 😀) But I do feel much better and am glad that it is all over with ...


Hope everyone had a good day ... see you later.


Thanks for the UB's and the Velveeta Sandwich ...


W ~ Waffles


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Good news, Tootie!  I have been thinking of you.  Now you can enjoy your weekend.


DDC closed!  🐕‍🦺  I can enjoy the weekend too! 😂 


X .... XL Eggs


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what a day!!!  Early TS call. We were busy but a good day.  Lots of calls about Saturday hours---not yet--but maybe June. I enjoy the one day. 


I bought an antique typewriter as a gift. It had been marked down as it had been there for a bit.  Was a bit heavy


Finished st TS dashed go Cafe. Last customer. Got my food and my server walked me out--he often does. Well on the g e way looked for my wallet and phone. Couldn't find them where they should be. Turned around yo go back. Knew they were closed but cleaning up. Arrived and was getting out when I spotted the items. I never put them where I did. He had a potted me and came y o see if I needed help. Told him what had happened. Well headed home and couldn't find the rest of my keys. Had them at TS as I returned store keys. Will search tomorrow. Looked but it was raining. Sigh. Three church keys on that group. Not a good day for me. 


The freeze affected the TX grapefruit. Every county in State affected. I am sure CA grapefruit are also good. 


Y;  yellow mustard


Z:  next



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Good morning ~  What a day you had kittyfan!  I know the feeling when you have lost/misplaced something.  Ruins your day.  Hope you find the keys.  


Glad you are back to "Normal" Tootie.  Was it the Velveeta sandwiches promised by walker?  Haha  Rest up this weekend and think of LG or better yet a visit?


Gee walker the DDC is closed?!!  Seven was all set to jump aboard my double wide and fly in with bells on 😄


DD's friend made us some more of her great Indian food giving me a great dinner while DD and SIL went out.  Don't know the names of it but delicious nevertheless.  She only cooks a lot when her husband is home - he is a busy pilot, so we lucked out.


🌷 Hi to MissMadi ~


Passing the coffee ~


Z - Zapping out  all problems (excludes uninvited dogs at DCC😊)

A is next

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Re: Thyme for Fun!

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Good morning friends ... whew! kittyfan, glad you found your wallet and phone ... now, onto your keys ... I bet that old typewriter was heavy, they don't make them like they used to ...


cookie, hahaha!! I can just picture you riding DW with Seven on the back ... and then dropping him off at the DCC ... oh what fun walker would have!! 😁🤣


walker, did Buddy have a good day at DCC?? or should I ask did you and DH have a good day?? ...



I'm going to watch Prince Philips funeral this morning ... anyone else?


We'll have a sunny but cooler 52 degree day ... Have a good day ... pouring and passing.


A ~ Applesauce




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Good Morning Friends!  🇺🇸☀️


Happy Saturday!  Sunny skies here and normal temperatures for April BUT....then comes next week and SNOW on Tuesday!!!!  We always seem to have one final blast of winter each Spring.  Fortunately, no dog duty that day.  

cookie, so sorry 🤥 (HA) to disappoint you and Seven to visit my DDC.  I'll be sure to let you know 🤥 when I have any openings. 😂 


A vintage me of one my mother had, kittyfan....heavy is right. Boy, how things have changed, eh?  And, I agree on misplacing things....upsetting....especially glad you found wallet and phone...important!!!  Hopefully, today will be day for finding keys at TS.


Yesterday was a good day with Buddy.  We gave him another A.  Such fun when I took him home and waited for past years meeting them....not needed anymore...sigh.  Buddy was excited to see boys and vice-versa and I got my hugs!  A good day!


I will be watching the funeral for Prince Phillip as well, Tootie. I am always interested in the Royals.  Oh dear....we need to wear a hat....🤔.  haha...


Enjoy your day.......see you later.


B ..... Beef Broth


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What a nice funeral service for Prince Phillip.  I thought it was well done as he wanted it.....simple and meaningful ....loved the Land Rover.  He went out doing it "his way".

Sad but very nice and good it was a sunny day.



C ..... Chocolate Chips


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Hi walker!! I agree ... it was a simple, but very well planned funeral for Prince Philip ... just what he wanted. They had a nice sunny day which I heard them say is unusual for this time of year. I liked the Land Rover too and wonder what they do with now?


See you later ...


D ~ Dumplings


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Nothing new here but wanted to stop by and say "hey."  We had two days of rain off and on .... April Showers!


Back at ya @cookie5. 😊


@Tootie15  .... sorry to read you had side effects from the vaccine shot.  Glad you're back to feeling better.


Have a great Sunday, everyone!


E .... Eggs Benedict


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