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DDC CLOSED for two days! 🐕‍🦺 Buddy will be back on Friday.  DS left work early today and picked Buddy up after he got boys from school. Buddy was excited to see all of them.  We gave him an A on his report card!  Ha!  It went much better than last week.  He cooperates at UB time and takes his DUB too!  Extra points for that!


No other news.....hope you have had a good day.


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Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Hello ... walker, it sounds like Buddy is getting used to being at your DDC ... I don't blame your DIL for not wanting him to be cooped up in his crate all day long and I bet they are glad and thankful that you and DH can help out ... now you get to UB it for the next few days ... 😉


I'm still plugging along on the "artwork" ... 🤷‍♀️ at the time I thought it was a good idea to save it ... 🤦‍♀️  I've finally come to my senses ... seriously, it's hard but it has to be done ... I think if we ever moved I would fill at least half of the moving van with "artwork" ... hahaha!!


See you tomorrow ... hope everyone had a good day.


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Good evening all. Oh gg we Buddy tales!!!!


Got psst due notice on electric. Supposed to be on auto pay. I was not happy. 


MondagTS duties. My scheduled time. Tomorrow will be short staffed. Not looking forward to that. 


Talking about opening jp full on June. I have actually enjoyed the limited schedule. 


I don't know why so .any typos. I can spell. Our nurse who is doing Covid has been working long hrs. Thankfully at TS to help. 


 Cookie:  know you miss your DS. Nice visit. 


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Good morning ~  Yea for Buddy an "A"!!!  Be carefful  walker or he'll want to live with his doggie G'ma😄🐶


kittyfan, how nice that you have a nurse helping out at the TS.  Sounds like you will have to rest up for June - take a lot of UB's.


Tootie - you are so tenacious in your efforts.  You must have more than enough "memories"  for 50 kids!   You also get an "A" for your diligence - a gold star ⭐.


Yesterday was SIL's B'day and he didn't have to go to work!  He spent the day with his horses and his favorite "toy" - the mowing machine.  Yard looks great and the horses loved being exercised with him.  Seven ate something ?? fthat made him sick and he spent the day in my bathroom.  Poor thing.  He seemed better in the afternoon - hard to use the facilities with a dog in the way but we did it.  He is a sweet boy - XL but so sweet.


Hey MissMadi -  I'm okay with your posting at your leisure and/or when you can.  It's always nice to hear from you and enjoy your cute pictures.


Passing the coffee ~


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Good morning friends ... hi kittyfan, good to see you! no worries about your spelling, these keyboards and phones seem to have a mind of their own ... they type whatever they want ... 😏 glad that you are getting some extra help at the TS ... when they open up full time in June, maybe you can still keep your limited schedule since it works out for you ...


cookie, how nice that your SIL was able to celebrate his birthday (Happy Birthday to him) doing what he likes best .. working with the horses and cutting the grass ... good for him!


walker, I think your house may be a little quiet today with no Buddy around ...


We'll have a 60 degree sunny day ... I get my second vaccine today at 3pm ... I've been drinking ... (water ... haha!!) so I hope there are no side effects ... 🥴


Have a good day ... pouring and passing.


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Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Good Morning Friends!  🇺🇸☀️


Happy Wednesday!! I am in slo-mo this morning...nice again.  cookie, laughing at your suggestion of Buddy moving in.....😳...NO!  I am afraid the family will take a trip and ask if he can stay with us.  I kind of like daycare only!  

How nice that your SIL got to spend his birthday "his way"...sounded like a relaxing day for him.  Horses benefitted as well. Hope Seven is doing better and out of your bathroom today.

Tootie, good luck with shot #2!  I bet you will do fine..🤞.

By the way, my DD got the J&J vaccine a couple of weeks ago...🥴....think she will be fine though....always something to worry about!


Good for you to keep sorting through the kids artwork pieces, Tootie.   Enjoy the smiles and memories...take a few pics and then..let it go, let it go.....sigh..😟.  What is it....cookie calls this emotional cement? Good one.  I think the fact that I moved a few times helped me thin things out. 

kittyfan, glad you are doing ok...hope today goes well...being short-staffed....take your breaks as needed! 
Reward yourself with trip to Cafe...😀👍.


👋👋 to MissMadi!  

Have a good day everyone....time for breakfast....adios...see you later.


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Hello ... well, I'm fully vaccinated! I was in and out so stopped in to see DM as she lives right around the corner from the pharmacy ... I drank and drank before I went and after so I'm hoping I'm good ...


walker, I'm sure your DD will be ok with her vaccine ... but just another added layer of stress ... I wonder now that they stopped the J&J one, how many people are going to be reluctant to get any vaccine at all??


I sat outside for a few minutes when I got home ... it's a bit chilly but the sun made it nice and cozy ...


Off now to get dinner started ... see you later.


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You are done, Tootie!  👍 👏👏 Happy for you!  It is a good feeling and, hopefully, you are going to feel just fine. 🤞


No news.....DS from FL just called...DH talking to him ...I'm next so better sign off.


See you tomorrow.


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Happy BD wishes!!!! Poor Seven. Confined to home!!! Had a really good day at TS. Worked, laughed. Shared some stories. Really like our little group.  Great to have your second. I drank lots of water also. Happy that you could visit Mom. Its been too long.


One lady has  GS in seal training. Its his dream. Hooe he does well!!


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I am thinking everyone here is either in bed sleeping or getting ready for bed.  (Big choice, huh?)  I went grocery shopping today and I don't know how I can spend so much money on groceries for just two people.  I didn't even get to the grocery store where I buy our meat (I buy very little beef these days) and seafood.  I remember so well when the children were in high school I spent $150 a week and bought everything I needed.  But let's face it....back then groceries were not as high as they are now. 


Anyway....the weekend is right around the corner. 

Take care!


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