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We buy rotiserrie chicken several times a month.  It seems we are eating beef less and less due to the prices.  One chicken gives us a good choice of menu items.  We love chicken salad made with celery, hard boiled egg, either shallots or green onion, and if I have it red or yellow pepper. Mix with mayo and serve.  In most cases no seasoning is needed since the chicken is already seasoned.  I also make a fast chicken vegetable soup and chicken and dumplings.  So many ways to use this chicken for $5.00...a real budget stretcher! 

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Re: Stretching the budget

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A Costco rotisserie chicken will give us 2 dinners and enough left to pull off to make either a pot pie or chicken salad.

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@caroln242 wrote:

Just out of curiosity I decided to see how far I could stretch one chicken, so Friday my husband and I rotiserried a chicken weighing about 3 ½ pounds.  We ate it Friday night, had chicken sandwiches Saturday, had left over chicken Saturday night, and since I still had chicken scraps left, Sunday night I put them in gravy, made biscuits out of Bisquick and spooned the chicken over the biscuits.  The chicken cost me $5.15.  We got 3 dinners out of one chicken so it cost us 86 cents per meal per person.  Plus one lunch.  Best deal ever!  (For the record, I am now sick of chicken. Woman Tongue)


Don't you love it!  Smiley Happy  Stretching is my magic power.  Learned, as a kid cooking for us 4 kids with little means, to stretch like nobody's business.  I still do it, actually.  Food has gotten more expensive the last couple of years and I enjoy making the best of it.


I hope you don't stay sick of chicken.    Sometimes, depending on what I'm making, I will freeze and vac-seal some of the extra meals so that I can spread them out.  Like you, I can get sick of one thing if I eat it too much. 



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I roast 4 large bone in chicken breasts on Sunday for the traditional chicken dinner (the drippings make excellent stock for gravy or soup). Use up one of the breasts for a salad (bibb lettuce, celery, mandarin oranges, pecans and feta cheese) and last chicken breast is for sandwiches or tacos.
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I never get tired of roast chicken! Year round. Any time of day. Hot or cold. Fixed any way and every way you all mention. Especially when I'm sick. Love to get a big Costco chicken, bring it home and cut it up while still warm. I take the breast meat off the bones, stow the legs, thighs, and wings whole, and set the back, bones and scraps aside to pressure cook for broth. (The "oysters" go in my mouth immediately. Don't tell.) Mmmmm. Then we eat chicken for days.

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@KaySD  My lips are sealed.  Them that cooks the bird, get the 'oysters"!

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I love Jacques Pepin because he is big on using everything.  He has very short but wonderful videos he puts on Facebook and they are great!


Some of you would enjoy them a lot!  

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@candys mine  No truer words ever spoken.