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I love stir fry, but  when I make it I'm surrounded by bottles and  I kind of wing it. I found this recipe on The Blue Jean Chef site and  you can make it ahead and store it in a jar in the fridge.  The best part was I have all of the ingredients.

    1/2 cup chicken or veg. Stock

    1 Tbs. cornstarch 

    1 clove of garlic minced or grated

    1" of ginger grated

    1/4 cup oyster sauce

    2 Tbs. soy sauce ( I use lower sodium )

    1 Tbs honey

    1 teasp rice wine vinegar

    1 teasp. sesame oil 

    1/4 teasp. dried chili flake


Shake it up and use when ready.  I add Siracha , because we like more heat. 

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Re: Stir Fry Sauce

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I love soy sauce.  I make similar soy cause with chicken and vegetables my daughter used to cook at home before she married.


In fact, I order the grilled chicken from Red Robin.  I take off the bun and set side the tomato and lettuce and eat it single.


I cut up the chicken and dip it into the tiny bowl of soy sauce I requested.  They use it when they make Hawaiian chicken.


I know soy sauce has a lot of salt in it.  At home I also use the kind with less sodium.


Your recipe sounds good.  Thanks for posting.  Mine uses some similar items.


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@QVC kitty 1 That sounds good! I have been making a lot of Asian food lately.

I need to make this & put it in the fridge.

Thank you.

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Sounds tasty and handy.

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I have a steak stir recipe that my family loves.  The stir fry sauce is very easy.  

2 tablespoons cornstarch 

1/3 low sodium soy sauce.

1 cup beef broth


mix together cornstarch and soy sauce.  Warm up beef broth, add to cornstarch/soy sauce mixture and stir.  


I add to my stir fry when recipe calls for it and then bring to boil and then simmer for a minute or two.  Can easily be changed out using chicken broth.