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Re: Speaking of cream cheese....



Ha.  Very clever.

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Re: Speaking of cream cheese....

@Foxxee wrote:


@loriqvc wrote:

@Foxxee - If the "e" was left as is, it was definitely that initial three-letter combination, which also happens to be a slur, that caused the deletion.


To test this theory:









I see what you're saying, but how many words would be deleted because a sequence of letters spell an offensive word?  Are they using some sort of algorithm that detects such things?  A mod reading would know the name of a very popular product is not a slur.


@Foxxee - Since your post and mine were immediately edited, that clearly was not done by a moderator but by automated technology; most message boards have such filters built into them. Filters can be set to detect particular word and letter sequences, including placement of those letters (such as that three-letter combo at the beginning of a word) so that only specific and potentially offensive words and sequences are flagged or changed.

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Re: Speaking of cream cheese....

I would be sure to substitute a heavy fat yogurt, not any of that watery no fat stuff.  

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Re: Speaking of cream cheese....

@Mindy D wrote:

Neufchâtel cheese can be used as a substitute for cream cheese. You can also use silken tofu in some recipes. Years ago, I made an outrageous “cheese cake.” I substituted silken tofu for the cream cheese. It was so delicious.

@Mindy D Sounds delicious.  I've never had a situation where this need came up but it's an interesting nugget to have.