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Not sure about purchasing a sou Vis kitchen tool so would love to read from QVC Members who use this Sou Vis gaget  and how easy it is to use and prepare the sou vis food, and also how easy it is to improvise and find other sou vis recipes on the  internet.


Any replies welcomed from  QVC Members who have and used this item in their home. etc.



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Just a correction - it's sous vide, not sous vis. It means "under vacuum" in French.  Sous vis translates to "under screw"

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Re: Sou Vis....Yay or Nay?

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I LOVE my sous vide!  It took a few tries to get it right, but most good things often have a learning curve.  If there is a down side it is that you still likely want to sear the meat after cooking it with the sous vide - as the sous vide does not brown the food, so it looks pale when it is done.  It is one more pan to wash if you want that beautiful finished look, but I find it well worth it.  What is so good about sous vide is that it will cook your item to the perfect temp while you go do something else and it will not it  over cook it if you are away from it when it is done.  It just holds it at the perfect temp for hours.  That is a handy feature for me. The key is finding a good chart that tells you the right temp/time.  Search for The Blue Jean Chef's site - she has wonderful handy charts that will help you master time & temp.  There is also no aroma in the house from cooking (but searing will add that if you enjoy a good smell to dinner).  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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I have two sous vide circulators and love them.  Each food item cooks at a specific temperature to achieve a specific doneness.  So dark meat and white meat chicken cook at different temperatures.  Sometimes I'm doing fish and steak for dinner.  Chicken and pork turn out so tender and a much better texture than cooking by other methods.  I will no longer prepare tenderloin steaks by any other method.   There is a book I'm going to buy from America's Test Kitchen, Sous Vide for Everybody.  It has a lot of good tips and recipes.  You can find the circulators at a good price now.  Give it a try. 

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I watched a sous vide cooking demonstration on TV and concluded I was not a devoted enough cook to try it. For those chefs who know what they're doing, bonne chance. For the rest of us who do the best we can, bon appétit.

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I only found out about sous vide cooking a few weeks ago when HSN was selling some type of sous vide cooking thingamajig.  It's of no interest at to me.  

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As a food poisoning nut, my head tells me this is perfectly safe, but my heart says no.  So I'm passing.  

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I went to a demo several years ago at Sur La Table (when they were still relatively expensive) and decided it was not for me.

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I can't imagine anything better for the un-cook than sous vide.  No sauteeing, no temping, no guessing, no mess cleanup. . . Just throw the package in a pot of water (water doesn't have to be in a real pot, can be on a storage container on the counter) no flames no smoke.


What could be easier than that?????

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I enjoy cooking with my sous vide.  Vegetables cooked this way retain more of their original flavor.  Water never touches them.  Fish poaches beautifully with a little butter and herbs.


My favorite use is to pasteurized eggs. Anytime I have a recipe where eggs remain uncooked, I will use my sous vide to pasteurize the eggs, first.  I no longer worry about salmonella and raw eggs. One of my favorite recipes is Ina Gartens Frozen Key lime pie. As it uses raw eggs, I just pasteurize them.  When the sous vide process is finished, it just looks like a raw egg to me, but safe.

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