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This isn't a recipe more of feedback on a product. I'm a lifetime Weight Watchers member always on the lookout for a low point treat to satisfy my sweet tooth. I came across this product, they are small low point cakes in chocolate, cinnamon, coconut, and  lemon. I would have to buy them from their website, I don't if they're worth taking a chance on. I was just wondering if anyone has tried these?

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Tehy are okay, they have an aftertaste from the artificial sweetner

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I absolutely love them!  My fav is chocolate but I also love tangerine and cinnamon.  I keep them in freezer and microwave for 22 seconds and eat with berries and Greek yogurt every night!  I also buy the buns and they are great if u aren't eating the regular ones.  They often have sales and I will stock up.  Highly recommend!'