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@sherrikay  I'm with @JeanLouiseFinch  It needs to go longer - until it pulls apart easily. I make the PW pulled pork with Dr. Pepper and chipotles in adobo. In the Dutch oven at 300 it takes 6 hours. I'm sure it would take longer in the slow cooker.


Also, I usually pair it with coleslaw (I use Marie's coleslaw dressing).

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Coleslaw, baked beans, and cornbread seem to be typical go-togethers with barbecued  pulled meats.  

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I love a good slaw.restraurant down the rd from me makes the best
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@sherrikay It isn't how long it cooks, it is the temperature.  Pork butt (shoulder) doesn't really shred until it's at or about 200 degrees.  How long it takes depends on size, structure of the pork, and the actual temperature it cooks to.


You really have to stick in a fork and try, or monitor the temperature.


Meat doneness is a temperature thing and specific to every piece of meat.

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@Sooner Good advice on temperature for cooking meat.

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I love pulled (shredded) pork. A pork butt is not all that tender, but is terrific when slow cooked. Since yours is a good size, I definitely agree that it needs more time to cook. I always, always start larger pieces of meat on high for about 1 to a 1 1/2 hours, and then switch to low for the remainder of the time. I slow cook a 2 lb. cut of meat for about 8 hours.


Another seasoning for pulled pork to try is McCormack's dry Pulled Pork Seasoning. It requires a few other ingredients, but it's excellent.


Enjoy your pulled pork.

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@PinkyPetunia wrote:

Coleslaw goes well with pulled pork.  

Yes coleslaw and roasted potatoes.

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@sherrikay wrote:

I will let you know.........what side would you pare with this?I thought a crisp salad,but need something else

I make pulled pork the same way.  I cook on high for one hour and then turn down to low for at least 6 more hours (cooking in root beer).  I have served twice baked potatoes, baked beans and homemade macaroni salad as sides.

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In the south, we often serve pulled pork with a cabbage slaw that had a dressing of vinegar, oil, celery seed, dry mustard, and a little sugar.


This slaw must marinate for about 4 hours before serving.