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Tried it for Valentines day. Boy was it good. Easy to prepare. It was deliicious and  moist. A new way to eat salmon


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Now I might be able to eat salmon that way.

We did not do anything special. I made pulled pork.

Our birthday's, valentines day & anniversary are all this month.

We will make a prime rib to celebrate them all.

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@Lady jazz 


Are you referring to David's recipe for Salmon Wellington?


I made it last weekend and we LOVED it!


SO easy too!


I couldn't find a small container of Greek Yogurt for the dill sauce in Aldi's, so I bought their pre-made Spinach and Artichoke Tzatziki and it was fantastic!  We finished the tub up with cucumber sticks as a side instead of a carb.


I will definitely be making it again since I am on AD for the salmon.

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Could you provide a link please.


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