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Re: Sally Baking Addiction website

I love Sally's Baking Addiction.  No, I don't make everything she posts but I do learn a lot from her as well and I'm 63 and have been cooking and baking most of my life.  Even if I don't make a recipe, she is a good read.  

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Re: Sally Baking Addiction website

@Springers wrote:
A lot of recipes
Has anyone tried any of hers?
What is the website you use to find recipes?

I just tried to start a site with her, but since I don't have Facebook, it never came up. I did copy one of her recipes on making soda bread, and will make it as soon as I get off here. She has a good direction on how to make buttermilk. I buy it, but it never last, I'm a buttermilk freak all my life. This bread sounds good and I love making bread, also make Blue Jean Chef's artisan bread, many times.  Had to buy an expensive bread knife to cut it, but so worth it. If I want a recipe, I just Google it. 

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Re: Sally Baking Addiction website

I always google recipes but I like websites for ideas and learning (so many recipes and ingredients I don’t know about)