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Besides butter, I've also sprinkled the canned parmesan cheese on it.  I don't make popcorn myself anymore but I do buy (and LOVE) Smartfood White Cheddar popcorn.

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I love popcorn


What I do is pop several batches of popcorn in the microwave.


Then I mix some butter, brown sugar and some corn syrup with 

a little maple syrup and vanilla. Cook this mixture in saucepan,


Pour this over the popped corn and put it in a large  pan and bake in

oven for 1-1/2 hours.


Oh soooo good.

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@sherrikay I always like melted butter.  I have also shaken on grated Parmesan cheese.   Garlic powder is good, too. 



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@gardenman wrote:

@MildredM wrote:

Movie theaters use a product all Flavoral to salt the popcorn. I only recent learned about it and haven't tried it yet.  Amazon carries it.



It's actually called Flavacol and I use it along with butter on my popcorn. I have a salt shaker filled with it and I dust the popcorn with it before adding the melted butter. The stuff lasts forever. I bought two pounds of it a few years ago and I'm still on the first pound.

LOL, thank you for the correction. Looks as if I forgot how to proof read and type that day.  I am planning on ordering it.