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@Sooner wrote:

Wow!  I am old and I never saw a pickle barrel.  I have seen bulk dried beans in little country stores, but never a pickle barrel!


Not a huge pickle fan, but loved your stories!  My favorites are bread and butter pickles or Dave's Famous Spicy ones. 



Our Colonial Store pickle barrel was huge and red. I had to wait some years before I could see in on my own. My Dad would pick me up so that I could look at the pickles.

I was a short little girl, Oh wait.

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Sorta off topic but when I was in Sams Club last month they had a limited new item that was Fried Pickle and Ranch flavored Popcorn by Popcornopolis.   Odd combination but it was really good.  Husband and I finished the bag off while watching a movie.





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When growing up alot of Jewish delis's always sold pickels in the barrel.  They were so good! Also alot of Jewish deli restaurants always had pickles in a bowl on the tables.  Of course this was before the pandemic so I really don't know if this will continue. If they don't it will be very sad.


Other pickles that are very good are Nathan's Sour DH favorite. Also Nathan's pickled tomatoes are favorite. If you like garlic in your pickles, I highly recommend Boar's Head pickles.  Just found these and the are sooo good.


Thanks for the Claussen idea.  This sounds very interesting.  We always have Claussens in the house and will definetly give this a try.


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famous Dave's pickles are pretty good