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Order Still Preparing since 7/10/22 Today 7/17/22

Delivery est. 7/16/22.  It's still there .  The automatic CS  number gave an order number instead of my phone number when asking if I wanted a call back.  Then it said after putting in your phone number to call back,  PRESS THE POUNDCAKE. NO KiDDING, instead of POUNDSIGN.


This item from Harry Slakin candles was ordered 7/10. Like I said, today is the 18 of July and it is not moving. 

You can't cancel 5 mins after you order, but the can prepare it for over a week????

QVC is getting so bad.  I do not order much anymore, but I like his candles.


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Re: Order Still Preparing since 7/10/22 Today 7/17/22



Suggest you send an email to:

Include your ORDER NUMBER in the email.  The  MODS will sort this out for you and/or provide you w/a status report on a delivery date.

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Re: Order Still Preparing since 7/10/22 Today 7/17/22

@qvcaddition   The suggestion from @Mz iMac is a good one to e-mail the Social Team with the order number. 


My candles ordered on Sunday the 10th at 3:28 p.m. got shipped late night on the Wednesday the 13th (almost 24 hrs. after the label was created) and tracking indicated they shipped from (Warehouse in South Carolina per package label) to Virginia, then to Landover, MD. 


At that point UPS said they "would be in my area" and would deliver it which means it saves a day or sometimes two since it did not get transferred to the regional Post Office and then to me.


So I got the Fresh Snowfall Slatkin candles late Friday afternoon.  And they are beautiful--no melting, packed well--even though  neither the UPS nor the Postal Service trucks are air conditioned annd it was quite hot that day.


When things are coming from the Ontario, California QVC warehouse my orders, naturally, take much longer to get to me.


Hopefully, my timelime will somewhat reassure you.





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