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Re: Need advice regarding tree nut allergy ETA: Durkee Answer Rec'd

@Nightowlz wrote:    @IamMrsG    Did you ask the person/persons with the nut allergy about it when they came over?

If I had a nut allergy I think I would be afraid to eat it since it has the word almond in it. That's just me.


@Nightowlz  Yes, I did ask about their Safe List.  They didn’t know, but said it was preferable for me to not use the flavor, “in case.”  


I made a second cake to allay any fears, so it all worked out in the end. 



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Re: Need advice regarding tree nut allergy

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Some nut allergies are very severe and the allergic person must refrain from eating any food prepared in a plant that also processes other foods with nuts. This means that any of the ingredients might cause a reaction if they are manufactured where products with nuts come into contact with machinery. Check all of your ingredients’ packages. These products usually specify this. You might ask your friend if she is in this highly allergic category. 

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Re: Need advice regarding tree nut allergy

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 Interestingly, virtually all commercially available peanut oil has been so refined and purified by the time it reaches a bottle that it has no traces of peanuts in it. The only exception is cold-pressed peanut oil, which is occasionally used for flavoring or a final touch on a dish but almost never for cooking/frying.


It surprises me, but my guest can eat peanuts with no problem.  It's only tree nuts to which she's allergic.  Maybe I should have used peanut butter in my cake.  Woman Very Happy

Peanuts are legumes, not nuts.  This link has great info on allergies:

I am sure that both cakes were delicious!