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I like "experimenting" ... and 90% of the time they come out pretty good. Today's is a winner.


I had some keilbasa and sauerkraut and wanted to jazz it up a bit.  Sometimes I add a can of beer.  But today ......


I added a can of chunk pineapple, half a jar of apricot jelly and about 1/4 head of cabbage.


I put everything in slow cooker for four hours.  Just boiled up some egg noodles.  


Delicious!  Not too sweet .... not too sour.  Just right.   Looking forward to tomorrow after it "ages" a bit.  Everything is better the next day!

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Re: My latest dinner experiment

I like to add a can of hominy to my keilbasa.

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Re: My latest dinner experiment

Well, I do like sauerkraut (add it to salad for probiotic sometimes) and I do like cabbage.  For me, I'd probably mix the cabbage and sauerkraut for a heated dish with sesame or poppy seeds.


Experimenting and being creative with food is fun!

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Re: My latest dinner experiment

@ALRATIBA Sounds yummy!Smiley Happy