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Cucumbers and onions are onions and cukes, salted, left sit a hour or so. Rinse put vinegar, sugar and pepper on and refrig for a few hours. Cold salad.


Bread and butter pickles are made with heated brine, usually canned.


Potato cakes are made with mashed potatoes


Potato pancakes are made with raw potatoes 


Of course this is probably varies by region.

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@goldenlocks I eat pickle sandwiches too. Any sweet pickle will do.

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@kitty4me. I have bread and butter pickle recipe if you need. For canning.

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This is probably my all time favorite food. My mom uses mashed potatoes, one egg, a little flour and finely chopped onion...form  patties and fry in Crisco. They are so delicious.

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In our house, my dad use to make them. He used the leftover mashed potatoes, formed them into patties, lightly floured them and fried them in bacon fat until brown and crispy. They were delicious! We usually had them for breakfast with eggs and bacon. 

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Growing up my mom made a casserole out of cream of mushroom soup , velveeta , ground beef and Hamburg . Haven't had it in years , but it was really yummy !
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To my leftover mashed potatoes, I add diced onion, 1 beaten egg, and 2+ heaping Tbsp. flour (depending on the amount of potatoes), stir, shape into patties and fry in butter.   For variation, I sometimes add grated cheddar cheese, or form the patty around a small square of velveeta cheese.   My family does not like a bread crumb coating on our potato cakes.   


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@golden locks I meant Cucumber and Onion. Salad. It is made with Vinegar and Sugar and a bit of Water I think. It was so good and served to replace a Salad.
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My mom used to make the potato cakes and although I love mashed potatoes, they were never one of my favorites - maybe because it changed the texture of the potatoes.


My grandmother would make bread & butter pickles but she used the green tomatoes at the end of the season instead of cucumbers.  They were to die for.  The  B & G brand of bread & butter pickles are very close to what they tasted like but just not the same.

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I add minced onion to mine also.

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