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Reading labels I made discovery- all cans of mandarin oranges were from China! Guess I am ignorant- the name indicates but I really thought it had to do with size.

Anyone know what I can substitute in salad?
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Re: Mandarin Oranges Surprise

You could use the small tangerines like "Cuties" or Halo.


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Re: Mandarin Oranges Surprise

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@Twins Mom - The name "mandarin oranges" has an interesting history, but it's only peripherally related to China, and even then, it is most likely due to the bright colors of the robes often worn by Chinese dignitaries. The little hybrids didn't originate in China, even though that country now produces more of them than any other location (as is the case with many food and other items in today's world). As @ECBG suggested, you can check out Cuties or clementines or tangerines in general as a substitute.




ETA: For fun, I decided to check my memory via Wikipedia, and it turns out that the earliest mandarin oranges (not quite the same as the hybrids sold around the world today) actually were Asian in origin, but I did correctly recall that the naming convention is tied to the color of the fruit and its reminiscence of Chinese/Mandarin dignitaries' attire.

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Re: Mandarin Oranges Surprise

I looked online and there are recipes for canning oranges yourself if you are in to that.I would think you could use fresh orange though and just remove all of the white membranes and seeds.