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What are your favorite cheeses to make Lobster Mac & Cheese?


Do you use claw or tail meat?

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My husband loves lobster Mac and cheese but I haven't made it.   I would think the right mix of cheese is crucial as it shouldn't be so sharp that it takes a away from the taste of lobster.  


For our lobster rolls, I buy cooked lobster, in the shell. All the supermarkets in my area have lobster tanks and they cook it to order.  I pick the lobsters and use all the meat.  I think I would do the same for Mac & cheese.  


I hope someone posts a recipe!

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I would not leave the meat from the claw out it has such good flavor so please be sure to add it some how even if it is just for flavor.

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What a horrible thing to do with a delicious Maine lobster! lol!

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I have tried Ina Garten's lobster mac & cheese and got rave reviews (just google it on food network if you need a recipe) but honestly, I personally really dislike cheese and seafood and always thought there was some "rule" against it but it seems to be really popular these days.  We ate out at a very nice restaurant last night and even they had it on the menu. 


I prefer lobster simply steamed or maybe with some lemon garlic butter as a splurge.

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I actually feel the same way myself!  Have you tried the butter poached lobster tails?  Yummy!  I use just the tails more than the whole lobster.  Just easier to me.  


Lobster mac & cheese is so popular but I didn't want to use lobster without having a dynamite mac & cheese recipe!