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I made a lasagna a couple of weeks ago and now I want to heat it up. Should I let it thaw or should I put it in the oven frozen ? Thanks.

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When I make lasagne, I cut it into squares, freeze them, and then vacuum seal them to store in the freezer.


When I want to heat one up, I will absolutely let it thaw out (having removed it from the vac-seal bag) first.


I think that if it were frozen, that's kind of dense (well, if it's as thick as mine) and you'd end up over-doing the outside in order to get the inside heated up.  The only way to avoid that, I suppose, is to put it in a low oven for a long time.


That's my experience, anyway, FWIW  Smiley Happy

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I usually thaw overnight.  

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@hovis  If you're in a hurry, put it in the microwave on defrost for a few minutes and then into the oven.  It sounds delicious, enjoy!  Smiley Happy

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Hi recipeholic!


If it is just a "Piece of Lasagna", why not defrost it in the microwave.  Then reheat it also, in the microwave.


If it is an entire "13 x10" Pan of Lasagna, then I would place it in the oven at a lower temperature say 300*.  It will cook at a lower temperature but will not burn...Just cook it a little longer if necessary.  Keep an eye on it.   

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My DIL makes 2 at a time, freezes one and does NOT thaw the other one when she wants to cook it.  I make 2 at a time, freeze one and I DO THAW it overnight on the counter.

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I find the microwave is the best way to reheat anything.    Of course, I am kinda lazy and impatient......................

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I always have too much lasagne so I cut it into thirds.  We eat the first third add then I wrap the other two thirds in heavy duty aluminum foil packets and stick them in the freezer.  I will take them directly from the freezer and reheat in a 350 oven for about an hour and 10 minutes.  My husband believes freezing improves the taste 😀

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