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Might seem silly, but I know someone here will know the answer ...


I bought a few sealed cans of coconut macaroons on sale at a really good price.  The usual brands are Streits, Manichewitz and Gefen. 


I am pretty sure they are kosher and have to follow all the usual FDA labeling regulations and guidelines.  However, none of the cans had a sell-by or use-by date on the packaging.   How odd is that?


I thought all actual food had to have an expiration date of some sort.    What do you think?



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The brands you mention sell kosher food products. I have no idea why there is no expiration date. I would look really well as the expiration date is sometimes stamped over words and it is hard to see. Other than that I would get in touch with the company to get your answer. Sounds like you bought something that was originally sold during Passover. 

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if they were for Passover, usually says Passover and the year.



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You have found someone who has a daughter who visited and literally dumped all  my expired food.  Her other 3 sisters were cheering her on.  Personally if something is wrapped and unopened I have no issue with keeping it and using it LATER. Obviously they did not agree. I buy my Passover items on sale at the end of the holiday and next year they are just fine.  That includes exactly what you mentioned.  I will find a new hiding place so my adult children cannot find them next time they visit.  LOL  Perhaps I can hide too so they have no one to complain to or make fun of. 

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I love macaroons, but not to eat too often -  I freeze them and they are good for months. 

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There's something called a Julian date code that I think I saw on some Kosher for Passover products that I bought this Passover.  I didn't bother figuring out the date because I knew that they were fresh for this holiday season.  Julian codes are not exclusive to Kosher groceries.  You could Google it if you need more info.

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The usual brands are Streits, Manichewitz and Gefen. 


I am pretty sure they are kosher



I can guarantee you that any food item from the above manufacturers will be Kosher. There is also food that is labeled "Kosher for Passover" that is ok to be eaten during the eight days of Passover.


Regarding the dates of expiration - although I keep Kosher, I will save Passover items from one year and use it the next - however, according to  Kashrut (which are the Jewish dietary laws), one should only use Passover foods for the year listed. I just checked some of the cans of maracroons in my pantry and it states what year it was intended for (2022) and some other codes that probably indicate an expiration date, however, I don't worry about that because in my family once the can is open, they are eaten very quickly.