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@Scorpio1971 wrote:

You can stuff it.  Do not skin it.  Slice lengthwise and scoop out some or most of the seeds.  You can stuff with something similar to what many use in stuffed peppers, a partially cooked mixture (because hamburger, chicken or turkey would not have enough time to fully cook during baking) of hamburger, rice, spices, tomato sauce/gravy of some type, even jar store bought sauce and bake it...zucchini boats. You can also stuff it with other veggies such as mushrooms, cherry or grape tomatoes, blanched broccoli and/or cauliflower, spices of your choosing mixed with a little olive oil and topped with cheese such as mozzarella, fontina, or for something stronger tasting a cheddar or whatever you like and bake.


Or you could simply cut into 2 inch chunks, season on baking sheet with olive oil and spices/seasonings of your liking such garlic powder, salt, pepper, parsley and/or basil, or any seasonings you like and roast at about 450° turning occasionally, there will be quite a bit of moisture because zucchini has a lot of moisture and can use as a veggie side dish or even to top pasta as a primavera type meal.  Mix in other veggies such as cherry/grape tomatoes & mushrooms to roast too if you want a primavera style topping for pasta.  Can even put zucchini on grill if you have one & grill it instead of oven roasting and this would help with moisture and if also using smaller pieces or items such as tomatoes & mushrooms use an outdoor perforated grilling pan if you have one.


Last resort...shred for zucchini bread or muffins!  😊😋


Thanks @Scorpio1971  I make zucchini boats from time to time.  This thing is much too large.  If I find that it’s useable, I’ll probably make a simple meat sauce with ground beef, a little Italian sausage and a jar of RAO’s.  Either turn it into a keto lasagna or roast the zucchini chunks and put the meat sauce over the top.  Whatever is left can be turned into ratatouille as a side dish another day this week.  We’ll see.  

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Sounds great!  Enjoy!  P.S. I like Rao's too! 😊

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One that big I'd probably pitch out.  They are seedy and sort of spongy in the rest of it.  

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We had a neighbor gift us with a cucumber like that.  Left it at the front door, if we had known we wouldn't have taken it because neither one of us eat cucumbers because of heartburn and indigestion.


Under other circumstances I would have found someone else to give it to but since we aren't seeing anyone I pitched it.

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I also stuff these big ones with the same mixture I put in stuffed peppers.  Its sort of spanish rice with ground beef sauteed with onions, (optional celery and green pepper) then add caned diced tomatoes, canned mushrooms and rice.  Wrap ends with aluminum if you have to shorten the "boat."  

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Your words "never seen one this large in all my life" equals too big for me to cook.

Zucchini, squash, and cucumbers are tastier when young and tender, so we do not let the ones we're going to eat, grow that large.