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I forgot how much I dislike oatmeal.

Because my stupid A1C is up I am now considered "borderline diabetic". Will be starting Metformin.


I usually don't eat breakfast and on the rare days I do it's not anything a diabetic would eat.


I had a canister of Quaker old fashioned oats and a box of frosted mini wheats.  I opted for oatmeal.  Made with water and dusted with pumpkin pie spice.


I was like pumpkin spice flavored wall paper paste. Should have just stuck with my coffee.


If you are diabetic what do you put in oatmeal to make it pass as actual food?

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Re: I forgot how much I dislike oatmeal.

try steel cut oats much better tasting and texture,

need to plan ahead just a bit 

as they take longer to cook, I make a batch and keep in the fridge


I like it with pom seeds or add a bit of splenda

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Re: I forgot how much I dislike oatmeal.



i have been taking Andrew Lessman Cinnamon (at the same time with his Cranberry) and two years ago my levels were inching upward but now they are high, but stable.

I used to love my oatmeal, but now I'm cutting back on grains.

Used to eat buckwheat (has no wheat in it) and liked the little bit to taste it had, but if you don't like the texture of oatmeal you wouldn't like buckwheat.

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Re: I forgot how much I dislike oatmeal.

@CrazyKittyLvr2  Hubby & I eat (1) serving of Bob's Organic Quick Cook (5 min)  Steel Cut Oats (available at Costco) everyday along with (1) egg or (2) egg whites (for protein).


We have each lowered our total cholestorol by 30 points during the last few years.

We throw a handful of blueberries & teaspoon of sliced almonds to the bowl & enjoy!

Old Fashioned oats raise your sugar levels...Steel Cut Do NOT!

Good luck & hope that helps!

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Re: I forgot how much I dislike oatmeal.

Regular or thick cut oatmeal:  I put it in a big cup with some water, microwave for about 90 seconds or maybe a few seconds more or less.  


I add milk, salt, flax oil, ground flax seed (golden most often), and just a speck of maple syrup.  And I mean a speck of syrup.


The key is don't cook it until it is mush and slimy.  I like my oatmeal cooked way less than they tell you on the package.  


Steel cut oats are good.  We have a little black Zojirushi rice cooker that makes steel cut oats and grains and you can set it and it will come on in the morning and cook.  I got it last year on Black Friday and we use it a lot!!!  It makes good grains and rice.  

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Re: I forgot how much I dislike oatmeal.

I did not want to take medicine if I could avoid it when my numbers were in pre-diabetic range.  I eliminated nearly everything "white" because those things tend to turn to sugar faster in your system.  That included milk, white bread (I do occasionally eat rye bread), white potatoes, white rice, added sugar (of course), etc.  I also watched labels (I am not good at reading all the stuff on labels) but a short-cut is to read total carbohydrates.  Divide the total carbohydrates by 4 and it will tell you the number of teaspoons of sugar one serving of that food will deliver to your system.  Then, I weigh & measure if that item is the way I want to spend/take in that amount of sugar.  Some of it was surprising...for example a small box (1 oz. serving size) of raisins (seems healthy) has 22 grams of total carbs - that divided by 4 means it has 5 1/2 teaspoons of sugar in just 1 oz.  THAT is NOT how I would waste 5 1/2 teaspoons of sugar!  


Those two tips helped me lower my numbers back to normal and keep them there, without taking meds AND I lost a lot of weight fairly easily.  


I go to Walmart quarterly - they offer a free screening event quarterly on a Saturday morning - and keep tabs on my readings (cholesterol, too). So I am easily able to watch things between doctor's appointments.


Hope this helps.  The good news is pre-diabetes is reversible!

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Re: I forgot how much I dislike oatmeal.

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I love oatmeal but because it’s high in carbs it jacks up my blood sugar. I would suggest you get a meter and test your blood sugar before you eat and then again 1 and 2 hours after to see what it’s doing to yours. 


Carbs (not just sugar) are the key to managing blood sugar. Best thing to do is read the nutrition label. Take the carbs and subtract the fiber and go with that number to see how many carbs you’re eating. Also try to combine your carbs with fat and protein to slow the absorption of the carbs into the blood. 



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Re: I forgot how much I dislike oatmeal.

I add a packet of Stevia, a sprinkle of cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice.  Sometimes a handful of walnuts, or some chopped apple.  I eat it for dinner sometimes.


And yes, the steel cut is better, but I'll eat either kind.


Hope you find a way to fix it that tastes ok to you.  

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Re: I forgot how much I dislike oatmeal.

In my opinion, much better mixed with milk (of your choice) rather than water.  Also add a few almonds or walnuts and fruit if available.  There is also some low sugar instant oatmeal available if that works in your diet.

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Re: I forgot how much I dislike oatmeal.

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I'm not diabetic but I love oatmeal.  I have Quaker Quick Oats--2 minutes in the microwave--at least twice a week.  Add a little brown sugar, dried cranberries, some almonds and a bit of half and half.  For me very filling and tasty.