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This might be a computer problem more than anything else, but I though you all might be able to help me. Indirectly, it concerns recipes.


One of my favorite recipe sites is It has recipes from Southern Living, Cooking Light, Coastal Living, etc. 


The recipes have reviews (unless no one has written one). And a recipe will show, at the top, how many reviews - like, 5 reviews and how many stars, on average.


BUT, I can no longer read the reviews. They just don't show up. I've used Internet Explorer, and I've used Edge as browsers. Neither one works. I don't have Chrome browser on my computer and don't want to add it unless it's for a very good reason.


I tried to email the website, but there's no way to do that.


As an example, take the recipe Vanilla Butter Cake - an excellent recipe by the way. It's my favorite pound cake, the one I get requests to make. Try it!  If you google Vanilla Butter Cake my recipes, it will come up. It has 5 reviews; I can't even see them.


Obviously, I don't really need to read reviews for that cake, I already love it. But I often use recipes from the website and would like to read reviews.


Would any of you be willing to access that website and see if you can see the reviews?


What on earth am I doing wrong? Or what are they doing wrong? This wasn't always the case. I used to see the reviews, I would say a few years ago. Something has changed.



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Re: I can't see reviews.....

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I use chrome and just checked about 10 random recipes and they all show 0 stars - no reviews.  The vanilla cake shows 5 stars but their is nothing clickable. Probably just something wrong with their site or they no longer do reviews.


Also, they have social media at the bottom of their page, Facebook, Twitter, could ask them a question there.

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Re: I can't see reviews.....

@peachesncream - I just checked and I was unable to see reviews on any of the recipes on that website . . . and I'm using Chrome, which I would highly recommend as a much more modern, updated, and stable browser than Microsoft's browsers (and I used to be very fond of the latter). Perhaps they're doing some site reorganization that is causing reviews to be temporarily unavailable? I'll try checking again tomorrow to see if things have changed. Good luck to you!

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Re: I can't see reviews.....

I really appreciate you all verifying that I have not lost my mind!


I will try contacting them via Facebook or other social media. I hadn't thought of that. 


This isn't happening just today. I noticed it months ago.  


I have seen websites that let you rate a recipe, or an item, but not write reviews. That doesn't appear to be what's happening, because it actually says "reviews" and even invites you to write one.

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Re: I can't see reviews.....



I'm catching up on posts I've missed so I just saw your post about reviews today.  I Googled "Vanilla Butter Cake" and clicked on the result for MYRECIPES.  All five reviews were there -- I'm using Internet Explorer 11 -- and all I had to do was scroll down below the "You may also like" pictures.  These were the reviews:


Ratings & Reviews


peaches09's Review
February 08, 2010
I've been making this cake to rave reviews since the recipe appeared in 2007. It comes out perfect every time. It uses less butter than some pound cake recipes, but still has a rich flavor. I don't add icing - just dust lightly with powdered sugar. This is pretty at Christmastime, but just as good in summer served with fresh strawberries!
caracs's Review
January 14, 2009
I've made this several times and always comes out yummy! I had to cook it for about 15/20 min longer than suggested & I also changed the flour to be a mix of 1 cup whole wheat + 2 cups all-purpose, with the same great results.
Kenzi1's Review
September 23, 2012
NaplesGal's Review
August 04, 2009
Great texture but I found the flavor a bit plain. Tried it again and replaced half of the vanilla extract with almond extract. Very tasty!
This one is a winner!
May 15, 2017
This is my favorite pound cake recipe. It doesn't taste heavy or too sweet. The half & half adds a silky texture and richness. This cake can stand alone, or be served with fruit or ice cream (or both!).