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Hi everyone! Between knitting and baking, I haven't had much time to pop over and say hello! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Here's part of what's been keeping me busy. This is the Christmas cookie tray that went to my daughter's house.

It contains:

Italian Cookies
Crunchy Coconut Cookies
Easy Chocolate Crackles

Butterscotch Cut Outs
Cranberry Polenta Cookies
Peanut Blossoms
Hot Chocolate Pinwheels
Spicy Crinkles

Plus I made one more batch of Scotch Kisses (after making 3 batches for Bob to take to work to give out) for friends and family and 2 batches of Susie Ann's White Chocolate popcorn......

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Smaller ones went to friends and my in-laws.........

I'm pretty much cookied out right least for a few weeks............
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IF NEWBIES PASS UP CHECKING THIS POST UP! YOU ARE MISSING A TREASURE. Carol1229 recipes and cookies are a treasure. No matter when they were posted. Worth a look_see for newbies! Never a disappointment. I miss her posts!