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Re: Hatfield Seasoned Pork Roasts

Thanks for posting. Lately, every single pork loin or pork roast from the grocery story is so dry. There’s been a long-standing movement toward growing leaner hogs with  and the meat has become worse and worse. I miss my delicious pork roasts and tenderloins. 

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Re: Hatfield Seasoned Pork Roasts

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@Mindy D  I know what you mean about the cuts of pork sold in the grocery stores. They always come out dry and tasteless. When I was a kid in the 50s and 60s my mother cooked what was called a fresh pork ham meaning it looked like a ham but was not cured or smoked. Cooked it in the over and then warmed sauerkraut in the juices. I can'r find fresh pork roast these days.