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Greek Spaghetti Salad

What I had intended to use for dinner today .... turned out was expired.  (I should have put it in the freezer when I bought it.)  So I had to ad lib.


I had a bag of Greek salad mix (greens, dressing and toppings).  I had planned to use feta/spinach sausage and some pasta.  Sausage was out-of-date and I never take a chance.  I'd rather toss the food than get sick.


Anyway - I cooked the spaghetti and added the chopped salad mix.  I added a can of garbanzo beans, additional sesame dressing,  and the toppings and mixed the whole batch and let it cool to room temperature.  


Turned out really tasty.  



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Re: Greek Spaghetti Salad

You’re very creative😉