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Good Gravy

I think a tasty turkey gravy is an important part of the Thanksgiving meal.  My family pours it over mashed potatoes, stuffing, and turkey meat.  My nephew even likes to dip his dinner rolls in it.  I make it the way my grandmother taught me to:


Remove the roasted turkey to a platter, and stir 2 cups of chicken broth in pan with turkey drippings.  Remove all solids through a strainer, leaving a bowl of broth.  Remove as much fat as possible from the broth. (Grandma used to skim it off with a spoon, but I use a fat separator.)


Melt 8 tbsps butter in saucepan, then stir in 1/2 cup flour.  Stir over medium heat until golden brown.  Stir in strained liquid and whisk quickly while gravy bubbles and thickens.  Season to taste.   

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Re: Good Gravy

Sounds SO yummy!


I was able to enjoy having my aunt (87 yrs) here for about 5 Thanksgivings and she made the gravy while we chatted about family history with my younger DIL listening.  It was such a wonderful time.  


Thank you for the memory.Smiley Happy

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Re: Good Gravy

@deepwaterdotter  I do mine the same way.  I always had a little poultry seasoning too.


Mom used flour and water to thicken gravy.  I did as well until years ago I started watching Food Network.  Have used butter and flour ever since.  I always make more gravy than I think I'll need. 



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Re: Good Gravy

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I use corn starch. to thicken .  I add some  marsala  wine to make it special  for the adults .

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Re: Good Gravy

Making a good gravy is pretty much a miss for me. Just don't have that gene I guess. But I did get an email from Chef John from Allrecipes about making turkey wing gravy that I think I will try. Looks pretty easy and he is hilarious to boot--it was a video that he narrated. We'll see.....

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Re: Good Gravy



Thanks for sharing!


We always smoke our turkey and I never have drippings!


DH just had a total knee replacement, so I will be roasting in the oven.


I will def. try this cuz my gravy?  She not so good!  I usually cheat and doctor up the small cartons of McCormick Turkey gravy.

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Re: Good Gravy

i make the base for my gravey the night before.  i make a roux and then the next day, alli have to do is just add the dripping and the broth.  it sure saves me time

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Re: Good Gravy

That sounds like how I make mine - although I do put the chopped giblets in.