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Re: Frozen Turkey Breast--how to cook



You are planning on steaming it in the dutch oven and then roasting it?


You are going to have one overcooked turkey breast....sorry that doesn't sound good at all.

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Re: Frozen Turkey Breast--how to cook

Wow didn't think of it that way.  I guess I don't really want to steam it, just keep moist somehow.  Thanks for bringing that up.

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Re: Frozen Turkey Breast--how to cook

@novamc1 wrote:

Have never prepared a turkey breast.   Was at Costco a few days ago and casually looking at a freezer case that contained them.  Another shopper reached in, grabbed two of them and asked me if I'd ever tried them.


She said she was back to buy two after just fixing one a few days before.


I told her that her recommendation had  just sold me on getting a turkey breast.  How do you all prepare these and make sure they turn out moist and tasty?

If you own a rotisserie, try making your turkey breast on it. Years ago I bought a Popeil rotisserie and ever since I have done my turkey breast on it, and it always turns out great. 

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Re: Frozen Turkey Breast--how to cook

@novamc1 I get a frozen turkey breast every year and a big turkey. 


I thaw a 9 lb. breast in the fridge 3 days.


I rinse and put in a sprayed crock pot cover both sides in melted butter and put quite a bit of poultry seasoning, marjorum, celery seed and thyme on it.  I cook on low 5 1/2 hours-don't go over.  You will have nice slices.


If I bake in the oven I use a bag and only 325, NEVER 350 degrees which dries out the turkey roasting 1 1/2 hours or use a meat thermometor.

I DO put mounds of stuffing under the breast and it will be more moist.  I let it rest 20 min before cutting so the juices won't flow out.


The flavor is awesome!!!!Smiley Happy

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Re: Frozen Turkey Breast--how to cook

Use a turkey bag, put it a crock pot, roast it in the oven or airfryer. Put herbs and butter under the skin, olive oil or butter on outside , season with salt and pepper. Defrost if you want---just make sure you have a good meat thermometer and check the internal temp, often,  or it will be a dried out,  chewy mess. Can cook it in a broth or water with veggies. I take it out just before it comes to the proper temp, tent it with foil and let it sit awhile to get the juices back and to finish cooking------my fave thing to do to get a nice looking  skin, is to sprinkle with paprika, on the outside--looks really nice. 

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Re: Frozen Turkey Breast--how to cook

@novamc1 when I coo, a turkey,I always use a cooking bag.juices from the turkey makes excellent gravey.that is how I would cook it