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Years ago I gave my husband a bread machine and he used it so much he wore it out. We're on our 2nd machine and since his birthday is this month, I think I'll give him a new one.

He loves making out bread; it so good and only occasionally do we buy white bread, usually for sandwinches. There's nothing in the world better than a peanut-butter-and-whatever on soft, cushiony white bread. Yum!

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My husband is in a nursing home so it's just me and my elderly beagle. Once each week I cook some plain chicken or turkey for us to share. That's all the cooking I do. In between it's Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, etc. I do eat fresh fruit and veg but that's not cooking.

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Yes, I still cook. I don't eat dairy or grains and I have to watch my weight and cholesterol. We eat a lot of fish, turkey and chicken. I make my husband lasagna, stuffed shells and prime ribs. I refrain but he needs the calories. He lifts weights and is very active.


Tonight I am cooking roasted chicken with 🥦 vegetables 🥕. He will have homemade mashed potatoes, I will have a small salad with fresh from the garden cucumbers and tomatoes. I usually use an olive oil and vinegar dressing, freshly made.

I like fresh food and I cook out of necessity. Few restaurants around here cater to my dietary needs. 


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I am retired for the past 14 years and am living alone for the past 12 following a divorce from a 43 year marriage.  Have always loved to cook for my family and friends and still cook every day for myself.  I love kitchen gadgets and trying out new recipes.  I also love to bake and now my granddaughter loves to bake with me too.  She is 9. 


During covid I did a lot of cooking and baking and dropped food packages off at my friends- left packages at their doors and waved from a distance. Since being vaccinated and boosted twice, I have been able to get together with friends more often to do this in person!  I always joke about how I could probably have 50 people drop in at my house unexpectedly and I would have enough stuff to whip up a meal for all of them. 


I like to eat a healthy diet, so it is easier to do this when I eat at home.  I have lost about 90 pounds in the beginning of my retirement years and find that eating home helps to avoid hidden fat, sodium and sugars in foods.  

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I used to love to cook but see it now as drudgery.  I cook two to three times a week.  The other times, we either eat out, eat leftovers or pick up something.  That cuts my cooking time down.  I do admit I like the taste of my own cooking and I would miss it if I never did it.

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Very little. Many times/days we cook for ourselves.

Turn on your heart light.
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Congratulations!!!!!  Happy 58th Anniversary this month!!!!  Wishing you many more.

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I still cook.  I live alone now, and eat out a few times a week.  I bring home leftovers from large serving restaurant meals, so get a night or two off when I do this. 

on nights when I cook using ingredients I bought at the market, I cook for two or three people, so again, I have leftovers for other meals.  

overall, I'd say I cook from scratch 3-4 days a week 

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I cook just about every day.  I love cooking!  We eat out too.   My hubby loves my food, and even my 3 yr old grandson loves to eat.  I make them big breakfasts,  either blueberry pancakes, bacon, corned beef hash and eggs, or French toast, different types of omelets too.  I start our dinner early afternoon,  and we usually eat by 2 o'clock or so. I love watching certain cooking shows, and then I run out and buy all the ingredients, lol.  My grandparents were from Italy, and my grandfather had a pizzeria in Coney Island,  then another in queens.  So yes, we all cook.  My dad is 94 and still cooking,  mom too.  Nothing like homemade.   I do all the holidays too...but that stresses me out.  I cook a variety of foods, but I'd say, Italian is my best.  I get so much pleasure seeing my family enjoy my cooking...and even my little grandson.  He says, Glamma cook for me??  I eat!!  🤗

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I still cook, but mainly the tried and trues that DH likes.  He's not a food adventurer.  I'm not beyond frozen pizza or Hamburger Helper on occasion.  Cookbooks are for reading IMHO.  I can taste the dishes as I read.