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@PuppyLoverBob666 wrote:

I'm in my 70's, married 40+ years, empty nester and I try to avoid actual cooking as much as I can. I used to enjoy cooking for friends and family but not so much anymore; it's such a chore. I'd live on cheese and crackers if I could.

I really feel like I've served my sentence and done my time I and just don't want to go through the drudgery any more. If I had someone to do all the prep and clean-up, I might feel differently. 

Anyone else feel like this?


My sentiments exactly!!!👍🏼😅


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Re: Do you still cook?

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I am late 60's, married for 40+years.  We have never been big eaters but I always made something for dinner.  

I am over 'it' as well.  Lately we have been eating a lot of salads and there are almost always leftovers when I do prepare a meal, so leftovers help, and usually when we eat out we bring 1/2 home with us...and tonight that is what is for dinner!


I quit trying new recipies....generally they are duds even tho people rave about how good that particular dish goal one year was a new recipe at least 1x per month...that goal was never met!  I hate wasting food.  I tried something that was posted in the recipe forum....I should have cut the recipe in half as I threw then entire thing out after one meal.  My mistake!!

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Not anywhere near as much as I used to.  Am closing in on 72 and cooked for decades. I'm over it.  


Since DH died ,and it is just DD (she hates cooking) and I, we keep it as simple as possible.  Sometimes it is cheaper to do takeout.  At our favorite Chinese restaurant a large order of garlic shrimp or garlic chicken is $14.00, more than enough for us to split for dinner and with some for my lunch the next day.  I don't think 3 meals for $14 is bad.





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I am soooo sick of cooking! I started cooking when I was 17 and 50 years later, I'm still cooking. I don't cook seven days a week anymore. Probably four days. One day is leftover day and the other two take-out. Or my son or husband will cook one day. If our son didn't still live at home I'd probably cook less. I'm a good cook, I just don't enjoy it.

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Used to love cooking, BUT NOW:


I only cook breakfast on Sunday

Lunch is usually cheese, crackers, veggies, fruit

Dinner is always something simple: tacos, burgers, chicken breasts, etc. with a salad most days.


We eat out maybe 2x a month.

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Re: Do you still cook?

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It's just my husband and me and we usually decide early in the morning if we are going to eat dinner at home or go out for dinner. When we do eat at home our meals are usually very simple. Neither of us are into eating big meals or having to vary our selections.   My husband is very easy to please and our meals usually involve fish or chicken.  We eat very little meat.  


When we eat at home I usually do the meal preparation but my husband helps with the clean-up.  He clears the table and loads the dishwasher while I usually wash any items that I won't put into the dishwasher.  We both take our turns drying.  


I can't say I ever really enjoyed cooking.  I wasn't one for entertaining folks for mealtime.  If we had company over it was for later in the evening and we just served a beverage and dessert or just snacks.


As we have gotten older our lives have become very simple and entertaining just isn't on our list. We really prefer to just spend our time taking walks, reading or watching TV and playing with our pets.  I know it sounds terrible but I would rather be with our pets than people.  They are better at conversation.  LOl!


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I wish I did enjoy cooking.  I see so many recipes that look really good, but I don't want to bother with it.  I generally only cook once a week and even then it's a chore.  What I do cook is really good, but I have a very limited repetoire.


I actually liked cooking desserts when I was younger.  My now Ex cooked dinners so I wasn't burdened with that.


My current husband is out a lot at night, so that's how I keep my weight down.  Like OP said, lots of cheese, crackers, salami, and fruit because it's easy.  Also, our tastes are different, so I look for easy things in my tastes to eat when he's not around.  But, I have basically given up on a lot of faves. 


I love breakfast for dinner, but hubby doesn't.  I'm not cooking bacon and eggs and grits or pancakes just for me.  I have at least found the Jimmy Dean Sausage roll-ups and toaster biscuits that'll do in a pinch.  Haven't found any decent frozen pancakes though.  Mine are much better frozen, so I don't know why they can't be made in a convenience food.  I did find a new frozen shrimp and grits to try out some time when he's gone.  I'll probably save that for when he goes away for a few days.

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Re: Do you still cook?

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I don't mind cooking but I don't want to do it everyday. We usually make something in the crockpot for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday and Friday are whatever. We never stopped eating in restaurants even through Covid ( just did takeout for a few weeks before they opened back up). Saturday and Sunday we eat out. It's often cheaper to eat out because by the time I buy all the ingredients necessary for say Mexican or Chinese food it's simpler to go out. Lately we've been doing takeout more. Much cheaper. No appetizers, no drinks, no desert (usually) and little to no tip. We're lucky, we have almost every kind of restaurant available to us one could imagine within 5 minutes from home. We could probably order from a different restaurant every day for months and not repeat.

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Re: Do you still cook?

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We do cook but things have changed.


We grill out a lot more now, although, DH loved all of the things I used to make with a gravy (often from soup) or sauce, we have learned so much about being healthy.


I do a lot of stews and roasts in the crock pot from fall until summer.


We do a lot of green salads, and roast quite a variety of vegetables.


We don't mind leftovers, so sometimes we will make extra for the next day or to freeze.


I never did all of the cooking AND cleanup except during the time our sons needed help with homework.

If I had always done it all, I'm sure I would be burned out!!!

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@J Town Girl I'm pretty much with you on this.   Though I do still cook and somewhat enjoy it, there are times that I would just rather have bacon and eggs for dinner!   There's a wine to go with just about everything in my world!  LOL  Smiley Happy   Thankfully my DH is like yours, easy to please and doesn't mind leftovers!