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Am I the last person on earth to hear about these?? lol


Got my Moderna booster today and went to a grocery store after that that I have never been in before. Found these grapes. Oh my. They are delicious. They really do taste like cotton candy.


I put some in the freezer. We like frozen grapes to pick on. Just the regular green frozen grapes taste like sherbet. But these? Beyond delicious.

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@Queen of shop i discovered these grapes not too long ago.  i can only taste the cotton candy flavor in the very first one each time.  i have not tried them frozen.


Congrats on your booster!  Be well.

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Love those grapes -   Fresh or frozen.  Glad you found them.

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We have had them many times, enjoy !!!

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the name is stuff a turn-off to me

I think Cotton Candy is disgusting 



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@Queen of shop. These are sooooo yummy.  Happy you found them.

If you like apples we just tried a new variety called Ambrosia. 

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@Queen of shop - I discovered these last year at Sam's Club and we loved them.  Haven't seen them since but, now that you've mentioned them, I'll be on the lookout.

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I bought them a few years ago.  We didn't care for them.  They were not sweet or tasty.

Maybe we got a bad batch.

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Thanks @grandma r  I'll look for the Ambrosia apples. Smiley Happy I've been in love with Honey Crisp for a few years now but I like to try new things. I remember way back in the High School cafeteria they sold Wine Sap apples. Really nice flavor. Can't seem to find them anymore.

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@Queen of shop , 


I like the cotton candy grapes too. They are tasty, just like the name. 


Enjoy yours.