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Re: Cottage Cheese Roast recipe (from Lisa Robertson)

On 3/17/2015 Mothertrucker said:

Ok, I made this- I made a 1/2 recipe using 3 eggs and 2 packets G Washington- and subbed cornflakes for Special K..

I liked it- and for those of you who think sounds really weird and gross, don't read any is my twist to it- I ate it with Cranberry sauce and thought that really tasted good!

I thought it needed something and I thought of making a gravy for it, but the cranberry sauce really hit the spot...

Dear Mother Trucker,

What a great idea! Did the GW flavor packets give it sort of a Thanksgiving stuffing flavor? I like the idea of making a gravy to go with it along with the cranberry sauce. I love that the folks on this site are such creative and generous cooks. I always get wonderful ideas that I can use. Thanks so much.

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Re: Cottage Cheese Roast recipe (from Lisa Robertson)

Yes, it did have that taste to's actually quite hearty..the pecans in it are a nice touch too..

Gravy would definitely be good with it as well.....

But even a 1/2 recipe makes a LOT!

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Re: Cottage Cheese Roast recipe (from Lisa Robertson)

I tried it over the weekend. I used Swanson's flavor boost. They are little ketchup sized foil packages. I used 2 Mushroom/Marsala and 1 Garlic Herb. I also served with cranberry sauce and corn on the side. I want to try it again and add spinach to it. I thought about leaving the onion and flavor enhancer out and adding ripe bananas. I think its a good basic casserole. A lot of different vegetables or fruits could successfully be added in.

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Re: Cottage Cheese Roast recipe (from Lisa Robertson)

On 3/12/2015 jewelrymaven22 said:

This is the first time I posted on a recipe thread- How can civilized
ladies turn this into a hateful discussion- Gross, Icky mess, Disgusting, Prize for the worst recipe.

Don't worry Ladies- I will NEVER post here again. I know all posts on QVC Trash people,

hosts, QVC in general. I did not know that RECIPE threads brought out all the
"tasteless comments" pun intended.

I personally love reading all the recipes people post, even ones I probably would not make myself.

I don't know why people need to say things when it's so darn easy to just go click on another thread.