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Does anyone have a suggestion for a good cookbook for a new, young bride, for a shower gift? 

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That's a pretty broad question. What does she eat? Vegetarian, Gluten free, Vegan, etc., etc., 


Do young brides want a book or just go online to access recipes. Good luck.


My 2 cents: 

Martha Stewart's Newlywed Kitchen: Recipes for Weeknight Dinners and Easy, Casual Gatherings: A Cookbook


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@teachgrd3  Unless she has one on her registry or you know she would want one maybe not a good gift since any recipe you want is more than likely on the internet.  I have so many cookbooks and I do not use them now since the internet.

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The Joy of Cooking. Good for basic methods and most categories. The most recent updated version.

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I prefer the Taste of Home cookbooks.  More variety and not too complicated.

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Excellent choices mentioned.


I love Betty Crocker.  I would recommend a book that teaches the basics unless she is already a cook.

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I agree with all comments and suggestions here.  So much is available on the internet.  But, I still turn to my cookbooks for some quick ideas instead of sitting down at computer.  


If she does have a registry,  that may help....i.e., if registered for Crock Pot...a Crock Pot Cookbook....same for Insta Pot or Air Fryer...also a good combo idea if you went in with someone on larger gift.  Meals for Two?  Cute idea might be to get cookbook, wrap it up and include some kitchen utensils on top with bow.

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@grandma2pkmh Taste of Home - recipes tested over time from expert cooks.  Simple - clean - and most helpful.......and fun. *****  5 star


No to Joy of Cooking - too much detail - long involved but great for cooking roast and heavy stuff...........-mostly  you're too tired to cook after reading all details.

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My niece loves Ina Garten from Food Network.  She watches her & also has made some wonderful recipes from her.


My niece is a "novice" cook but is enjoying cooking.  I sent her Ina's cookbooks as a "surprise gift" she loves them!


Maybe your Bride to Be likes a certain chef and you could get that cookbook.  


Personally, for me is my mother's Better Homes & Gardens cookbook from the 50s.  I think they still update 


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The Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook (mine was new in 1975). My Aunt gave it to me for a shower gift and it was a godsend because I had never put dinner on the table up to that point. Now that I'm a much more experienced cook, I still refer to it for some oldies but goodies. Mine came in a 3-ring binder and was organized by recipe type. The directions are clear and there are step-by-step pictures for many of the recipes.