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I really like chili, but am a seasonal cook/eater.  So, no, I do not have chili when the weather warms.  It will likely be October before I make another pot this year.

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It's not summer yet where I live (midwest), so I'm still making chili once in awhile. Once we get into the hot and humid days in June through August, I don't make it. But give me a few cool days in September and I'm all over it! And chili with tater tots and onions - love it! I'd like to add a few pounds, so I don't care a whit about carbs.

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I make it a lot because I like leftovers sitting in fridge for the days I don't want to cook.  

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We eat other hot foods in the summer, so why not chili. Good for me anytime.

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I can eat Chili or any soup year round.