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Cheese Stuffed Italian Sausage

This is really good!  Serve with Pasta!


Stuffed Italian Sausage-3 Ingredient Recipe

Stuffed Italian sausage is an easy 3 ingredient recipe. Stuff your sausages with cheese, bake them in a marinara sauce, then serve with a tasty side dish.
Course Entree, Main Course
Cuisine Italian
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 45 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Servings 5
Calories 500kcal
Author Katie Crenshaw


  • 5 Italian sausage links
  • 24 ounce marinara sauce
  • 5 mozzarella sticks


  • Slice Italian sausage link down the center. Do not remove the casing. The casing keeps the the form of the sausage intact.
    5 Italian sausage links
  • Stuff the sausage with mozzarella cheese sticks. Then reform the sausage around the cheese stick.
    5 mozzarella sticks
  • Add a thin layer of marinara sauce on the bottom of an 8x8 baking dish.
    24 ounce marinara sauce
  • Top sauce with the stuffed sausages.
  • Pour remaining sauce over the sausages.
  • Bake at 400 degrees for 40 minutes. Rest 5 or more minutes before serving.
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Re: Cheese Stuffed Italian Sausage


Oh my this looks like a winner. I know my husband and my two sons would gobble this up ... on a hoagie or over pasta. Thanks for sharing this recipe. 


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Re: Cheese Stuffed Italian Sausage



Thanks for posting!  Sounds delicious!





Thanks for the pic...I like to see what I am aiming for LOL

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Re: Cheese Stuffed Italian Sausage

@FastDogWalker2! This recipe looks delicious. Next time I make Italian sausage it will be this recipe.

Thank you for sharing it!