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Do you know that most canned pumpkin is actually a variety of squash??

@Shelbelle  Yes, I believe pumpkin is itself a kind of squash. I always use butternut squash for my pumpkin pie. My mom said the jack-o-lantern pumpkins were for the pigs. Hahaha! I'm sure they wouldn't be indigestible, however.

@PA Mom-mom   There is such a thing as a pie pumpkin. 

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116C2986-549A-4C5C-BB15-BD6EFF83AD50.pngAll pumpkins are squash, but not all squash are pumpkins.  I live in Central Illinois and we have many pumpkin fields.  The Libby canning plant that cans the pumpkin is in Morton, Illinois.  The Morton Pumpkin Festival starts today.



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My small grocery store has it in stock year round, but since the demand for this product isn't until Fall, it isn't a prominent display item, or advertised, until the season arrives.  


What we are finding on shelves now is what's left from last year.    Within the next 2 weeks pumpkin will be seen, and advertised more.   

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I have a few cans in my pantry that I bought last year...for just in case.  The stores do not stock up until right before Thanksgiving, so the store inventory is low now and normally after the holidays.


I always buy long neck pumpkins and make my own purée and freeze it.  I have several 4 cup and 2 cup bags in my freezer.


The fresh pumpkin is 200% better tasting new than the canned variety. 

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I remember having a difficult time last year trying to find canned pumpkin. I picked up 4 cans on Saturday so I am set for the season.

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I still have a can from last year, but I was in Trader Joe's this morning and they had a big display of canned pumpkin.


Now I have to find some recipes and decide what to make with it!  Although I try to only occasionally keep sweets around I did find a Pumpkin Pie Bar recipe I am going to check out.  

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@sueinsf   have you ever tried pumpkin fudge?


IMO, it is to die for...but, then I love fudge.  I have to hide it from myself or I'll eat the whole batch in one day.

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@Carmie Never tried it but I'm sure it is delicious!

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@Carmie  I've purchased pumpkin fudge before and it was unbelievable!  If you have a recipe for it, please share!

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@Kachina624 wrote:

I just bought 4 cans at Walmart. 


What I can't find is flying insect spray.  I went to 3 stores today and none had any.  Even Amazon can't ship a can until the middle of next week.  Flies have been terrible. 

Did you try Home Depot?  My store has some.  They also have fly sticky tape.  I've had to hang disposable fly traps out my back door which work really well.  Got them at HD also.  Darn flies get in the feral kitty's food and then I have to throw it away.