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I ordered those Everbowl smoothies and can someone tell me how much water to add to a bag in the blender. I didn't get any re piles or directions..not using milk!

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Re: Can't find

@KayinMN Put the contents in the blender. and then add liquid up to the desired ounces wanted.  There is an instructions tab to click on in the descriptions section for this product which is how I found it.  It includes info for the bowls also.


Hope this helps.



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Re: Can't find

@KayinMN  I’m not familiar with the size of package but found this information 


How to prepare an everbowl at home:

  1. Empty contents of bag into food processor
  2. Add 3 ounces of nut milk or water (we use almond milk!)
  3. Blend until smooth (be sure to periodically open processor and stir to avoid un-blended chunks)
  4. Top with your favorite fruit and enjoy!
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