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Where do most of you buy your dried herbs and spices; dollar store, grocery store, big box store, bulk foods store, online spice store? I've been buying mine in pouches from Penzey's for several years and refill my jars as needed.  I do an overhaul (pitch & replace) every three years since that's usually how long they stay good.  I usually buy the pouches rather than the small jars because it seems to be the best value overall.  Even so, there's still some left to toss after three years.  I'll be ready to do this again in January and other than being more discerning about the quantities I choose, I am wondering if there's a better way to go.

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The grocery store. I don't plan far enough ahead to go to a separate spice store or order online. We have a Penzey's in town, but it's 20 minutes out of my way and that's just not worth it to me.

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Re: Buying Herbs and Spices

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Penzeys. I cook a lot and use a lot of spices etc, so they turn over quickly. My local Penzeys us about 40 minutes from my house, but it is near other fun places to visit.

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Re: Buying Herbs and Spices

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We don't have a Penzey's so I have to order online. I buy the bags of spices from them to refill my jars. 

I also buy Simply Organic & Frontier Coop Spices online also organic. I don't care for the plastic flimsy flip top cap on the Frontier jars it always breaks.

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The Spice House!!!


I order almost all my spices from them online since they only have couple stores in IL and WI.  They are very easy to find online as it is the above typed all together  just followed by .com


The company is run by the elder Penzey's daughter!  Fabulous variety, fast shipping, excellent quality!  LOVE that company!  The website has a great amount of recipes and info.

Sign up for emails and they send out discounts...they do NOT send millions of useless emails.  Just when they are offering a special.  I LIKE that!


Buying Unknown Brand Spices or those from a Dollar Store:


My sis works for a Custom Brokerage (handles all imports and exports).  She is the FDA compliance officer of her company.


She told me NEVER< EVER buy cheap, dollar store, lower shelf spices.  She says the amount of 'junk' found in thm in high percentages would make you sick!!.  Shipments are held up at the borders ALL the time because of failing quality tests.  She said stick with NAME brands, top shelf spices only or those sold by solid Spice Purveryors such as The Spice House.


Yes, you will pay more but you will not be injesting "_________________".  (You fill in the blank as my sis had a nasty word for garbage.  LOL


Just thought I would pass that on.

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I buy mine from THe Spice House and sometimes from Penzey's

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Grocery store and Penzey's online.

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I agree with one of the posters -- The Spice House!!

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I buy mine from The Spice House and sometimes Penzeys.   I prefer The Spice House because I love their store in Milwaukee.   When you walk on Old World 3rd  Street in Milwaukee you can smell the wonderful of the aroma of the store  doors away,   

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Penzey's for us.  We were thrilled when a store opened up here a few years ago.