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Re: Best Banana pudding...Ever!


@Starpolisher wrote:

@Chi-town girl  Thank you for posting the recipe! (Is that a sceenshot?)


@SandySparkles  Thank you about my tag line!


@NameAlreadyTaken Hope you read the Mac and Cheese post. I explained what I know about eggs in Mac and Cheese!


Thanks everyone! 😋😄🤗

@Starpolisher  You are so welcome! It really made me smile.😁


~~~All we need is LOVE💖


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Re: Best Banana pudding...Ever!

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I'd rather have Banana Pudding made with homemade custard than a pudding mix mixture



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Re: Best Banana pudding...Ever!

I made a banana cream pie for Sunday...I did mine the old fashioned way, stir, and stir over the stove.  The recipe is from the Betty Crocker cookbook.  


The other recipe sounds good but we like the B.C. cookbook recipe and I didn't want to run to the store for the pudding and wafers.

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Re: Best Banana pudding...Ever!

The best banana pudding ever is the one on the back of the box of Nilla wafers.    There's something about cooking the custard then making the meringue & popping into the oven that just brings out the flavors, whether you ear it cold or hot


Paula Deen's recipe also contains cream cheese, it really looks good.  I haven't tried it yet.


Eggs in mac & cheese - just no


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Re: Best Banana pudding...Ever!

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@StarpolisherI just had to peek in and read this thread, because banana pudding is one of my favorite summer desserts!😋 This one is similar to one I make from an old Paula Deen recipe; except Chessman cookies are used in lieu of the Nilla wafers, so I am certain this one is DE-LI-CIOUS!😊


I absolutely LOVE your positive tagline! Have a great evening!



~~~All we need is LOVE💖


Excellent idea using Chessman cookies.  I bet they hold up better than the wafers.

@lmtep :  The best banana pudding is the one referenced to Paula Deen..........the vanilla wafers are good (grew up on them) but the Chessman cookies are the soggy cookies.  People could not believe how great it was so use to the southern recipe with vanilla wafers............