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Loved this recipe but next time I will skip the toast and put the avacado and corn salsa on shrimp.

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Love it---eat it often with a fried or soft boiled egg over top-----on some of my good bread toasted. Yummy!!!

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I like to make a salad of diced avocado and chopped tomato mixed with lilme juice and topped with chopped cilantro.  Very light and refreshing as a side dish to something, or as a snack.

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My husband is obsessed with avocados. He will eat them with potato chips lol.

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I love avocado toast. 3 tips for the best results I read online. 


Use really good bread

make sure avocado is ripe. 

While toast still warm, rub the cut half of a garlic clove on it.  

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Occasionally, I will add avocado to my smoothie.

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According to another thread avocado can be cut into chunks and frozen.  I’m going to give that a try with my next bag of Costco avocados 🥑