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     I was just thinking the same as many of you!!  Too much bling!!  I have purchased many tops and pants from QF.  But they were not encrusted with bling! 

     But lately...for my taste...there is just too much.

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@ROMARY 1    I still have a large supply of those button covers.  I never used them because they always came off when rubbed against a tabletop, seatbelt or something and were so easily lost.

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@Kachina624 I have to agree. I still have a few of the Quacker pieces I bought in the early 2000s. The newer stuff doesn't even seem like it came from the same company. The quality is gone and so is the originality. Whoever is doing the designing doesn't have the talent and imagination that Jeanne had. I haven't bought anything from Quacker since shortly after Jeanne passed away.

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For anyone interested, there's a Quacker Factory show on QVC2 at 6 p.m. ET today.