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May I answer that:


Google Search

    1. A  brainfar-t  is a slang expression which can refer to one of several experiences: Tip of the tongue phenomenon - temporary inability to recall a name or word. A brief episode of absent-mindedness or inattention.

    Perhaps this is why some hosts repeat the same word three times in one sentence ... until another adjective can be summoned from the brain.


    "...temporary inability to recall a name or word...."   So what I thought was my senior moment is now called  a "brainfart".  Doesn't sound as "old" as senior moment, but the word is rather crass!

    Definition of crass:

    kras/sounds like
    adjective: crass; comparative adjective: crasser; superlative adjective: crassest
    1. lacking sensitivity, refinement, or intelligence.
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....or when they stress..."now this looks like you have money" ugh how rude. Or just the general tone that we are so stupid and unworldly that we couldn't possiblely think on our own that you can use a dish for another purpose....or how to fill up a wagon with ice and use that as another drink station at a cookout...really. Do these host think we all like in the back woods?


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And I forgot one of the biggest coming from the hyper barker, "what a big story", and "here is the big story",  or variations of "the story"..............

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no! I mean THEIR "cute" as in a state cuteness they perceive, belonging to them , 


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1)   B E A U T I F U L   used over and over again and said s l o w l y.


2)  mispronouncing "couture"  as "coat tur".


3)   overpronouncing "garden"   as "gar Din"


4)   saying "A"  for the pronoun "a".    It is a soft "ah"  not hard "A".    


5)   singing words!!!!1


6)   "easy peasy"    really, we are not children!


7)    in general, talking to viewers as if they are children or do not understand words by talking too slowly and over pronouncing words.   It is talking down to the viewers.   Insulting.

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"Climbing into this"......are they in a mountain somewhere that they have to climb into an outfit?

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Fleather ... in place of Faux Leather 😳



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Well, hate is way too strong a word. But it seems that, yes, certain overused words do not add to the presentation. Recently during a clothing presentation, "I love this" was used dozens of times. 


Other words and phrases which have become cliches include


"Pop of color"


"Fashion forward"


"You can throw it on with jeans"


there are others. 


I also think the hosts "run through the colors" too many times, while leaving out complete information about the products. Way back when, QVC was very careful to explain every possible feature of each product and include uses it would NOT work for. This builds trust. When something is not addressed, that's a red flag. Maybe if the hosts would follow that idea they would not need to rely on hackneyed phrases that the audience recognizes as trite puffery.


Surely there are training schools for salesmanship that would be a smart idea to consider.


I think Antonella Nestor does a great job of professional salesmanship, without using shopworn phrases.

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Efficacious....especially when the person saying it uses it out of context and is trying to make herself look intelligent....not!

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Gunnabeableda. It sounds like a bird's warble or a warped bell.  It's not one word but five; going to be able to 


Nearly all of the young female hosts use this phrase, some accent the surrounding sentence with vocal fry.  Worse than valley girl speak, it sound like blubudablubadablubadubbl..............