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tracking details listed for returns on!

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I recently sent two return packages to QVC and decided I'd check my order history to determine when my next Easy Pays were scheduled and whether there was any chance they'd make it to the Q before the next payments posted.


I also clicked the "Track Your Return" link while I was investigating and was shocked to see that there was actually a real status listed for the package and a dropdown menu of tracking details showing up-to-date information from the Pitney Bowes website for the returns agent! It's nice to finally have this feature working again after the Order Status page "upgrade" broke everything.

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Re: tracking details listed for returns on!



Thanks for pointing this out!  After reading your post, I went to the return I had dropped off just a couple of days ago, and lo and behold!, there were details! 👏  I'm not expecting the return to get delivered and processed any quicker than they've been, but at least I can tell what the status is.


It was interesting to see that there seems to be a "Shipping Agent" and a separate "Shipping Partner".

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Re: tracking details listed for returns on!

I have tried to use that link on my last couple of returns and found that there was absolutely no tracking available until I actually got the notice that my return was processed. Very annoying.