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Re: surprisingly speedy shipping

Not so lucky here.  The order I placed on Sunday the 13th is still IN PROCESS on the 17th -  Expected delivery on the 22nd - but I don't expect it.

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Re: surprisingly speedy shipping

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Just in case anyone is interested, it has now been only six to seven days—including a holiday—since my free shipping event orders were placed, and I've received 11 of 13 items. One more is scheduled for delivery on Tuesday and the other is still in process (which is odd because I've ordered it before and received it fairly quickly even though it ships directly from the vendor). I was pleasantly surprised to have UPS deliver three items to my house today; in my area, Saturday deliveries for the big brown van are typically only for expedited shipments. Today's packages came all the way from the east coast, whereas the others I've already received were sent from the much-closer west coast. All in all, this has been one of my better shipping experiences with the Q.


Sending continued positive karma for quick shipping to all my fellow shoppers...  Smiley Happy