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100% agree......the fish mouth negates everything else....

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@StylishLady wrote:

Suzy Parker


She was one of the models that I had in mind. The way she poses and walks makes for a better showing of the outfits. It seems that some of the vendors prefer her work.

Suzy was facially one of the most beautiful models of all time. Some refer to her as one of the first supermodels.



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@Alsee wrote:

I think her strange "fish mouth" detracts from her modeling. Again, an example of a model trying too hard

I think her hair needs poofing up too or cut in layers maybe.

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Re: redhead model kate coll

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Kate Coll always makes fish lips uggghhh..

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@jess367  I agree with you. I just don't get the fish mouth comments. I suppose if one stares only at her mouth when she's modeling, one can get fixated ~ I don't. I look at the whole package and she's beautiful and a top notch model.

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When she first came to the Q she was criticized for always looking so angry/bored.  She became more popular when she began to smile occasionally.

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She is my favorite model but my figure is nothing like hers so I don't relate. She is a beautiful model and that "fish mouth" doesn't bother me at all.

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Well I'd trade places with a a super fast second...."fish" mouth and all.....


She is stunning !!!

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Re: redhead model kate coll

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I like her too.


My favorites are the close-cropped-hair one who looks like Nefertiti (Her name begins with an A) and the one with the long dark hair and the beauty spot who looks like she stepped out of a Tudor costume drama.


LOL! I think I must like a bit of romance with my models!

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I think Kate is indeed a beautiful model, I notice she only does the designer or beauty  shows. It would interesting to know if she works anywhere else, I see Deanna and Amanda in my Boscov's circulars.