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Re: "On Holiday Morning" phrase

I heard that "they" shop for tin foil hats on QVC and HSN...just waiting for a shiny TSV!!!

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Re: "On Holiday Morning" phrase

@vsm actually you were pretty outraged that the vendor said holiday morning. So sad you made a big deal over it.

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Re: "On Holiday Morning" phrase

@manny2 wrote:

I don’t see a problem saying “Christmas morning” followed by Hanukkah, Kwanza, or whatever you celebrate. 90% celebrate Christmas, so it’s understandable it takes precedence.


I think we have evolved, and realize we have to be more inclusive, and most are doing that. Including QVC. The hosts do include all holidays celebrated.

@manny2   I get Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc., but usually by that time Hanukkah is mid-way, or over. the date does not co-ordinate with the usual calender, but with the Hebrew calendar. I'm not sure about Kwanza others.

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Re: "On Holiday Morning" phrase

@kate2357 wrote:


Those getting into what some say is a pagan precursor of Christmas, at one point "Yule," may I suggest reading the history of Christmas carefully.


There's no mistake what the word Christmas means.


One of the problems as I see it from the War On Christmas army is calling all other holidays their rightful names, except Christmas day. It is Happy Holiday. All others, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year. They choke on Merry Christmas. It's very obvious what they are up to.

Not it's not obvious. Why must there be a nefarious reason behind saying happy holidays when you are in public or speaking to an audience of people you don't know or know well? If I am out at a store or a doctors office etc., I have zero idea what holiday(s) that person may celebrate. So I say thank you, happy holidays! If I know the person, I will specify the holiday, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.


There is no war on Christmas. It was a fabricated effort to divide us. I refuse to fall for faux outrages.


I love this response Kate. 

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Re: "On Holiday Morning" phrase


Don't be too sad. Shawn has been working hard to save Christmas on the Q for at least a couple of months. 

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Re: "On Holiday Morning" phrase

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Everyone knows they want the Christmas dollars or is it the Holiday Morning dollars?

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Re: "On Holiday Morning" phrase

@kate2357...exactly. I feel the same way. I would not presume to wish a stranger Merry Christmas, unless they said it to me first. "Have a nice holiday" has always worked for me.

The "war on Christmas" is not a thing. People who have issues with inclusion, or are intolerant of people who celebrate different holidays made this up. Sadly, this comes up every year, and shows no sign of diminishing
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Re: "On Holiday Morning" phrase

@QVCkitty1 wrote:


Happy Festivus for the rest of us!!


@PhilaLady1, Let the airing of grievances begin !

@QVCkitty1   I think there's plenty of that around here!

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Re: "On Holiday Morning" phrase

@mormel20 wrote:

I was watching QVC over the weekend. There was a vendor who was talking about giving a gift "On Holiday Morning." It sort of makes me depressed that Christmas has become a word to be avoided. I know they want to be "all inclusive" for all people. But it still makes me sad.


@mormel20   I didn't see it, but what you describe had nothing to do with "inclusion," and everything to do with an apparently verboten word: Christmas. 


Many years ago, a vendor was displaying magnet-backed "buttons" which flashed in the colors red and green. In describing them, she remarked that they'd be "great for [awkward pause] holiday!" The pause was very telling. The word "Christmas" [gasp!] was clearly not to be used. How ridiculous.The holiday season is one thing, but no one celebrates "holiday" morning, and no one is donning a Santa sweater "for holiday." 


So instead of being sad, laugh, because these odd attempts to avoid that word which must not be spoken are, indeed nothing short of hilarious.

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Re: "On Holiday Morning" phrase


Christmas is about the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  HE has been rejected and the holiday set aside to remember the significance of his birth & the gift of eternal life for those who believe in him, is being replaced by meaningless "holidays".  It's worse than depressing; it's tragic.

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