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"NO" Votes On Reviews!!!

Dear Mods/QVC,


I have been writing reviews to help other shoppers for years.  I also read them to help with my own purchases.  Now there are so many "no" votes to truely helpful reviews like size, color, fabric etc, yet someone voted "no!"


If you have an opinion on something you have also purchased, write a review!  If you simply disagree or are looking for someone to disagree with, please don't do it on a review of a product.  My reviews are honest and to the point but I will quit writing them if this continues.  What is the point of the "no" vote?  If QVC previews the reviews they should get rid of non informative ones or the many that have never purchased the items.



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Re: "NO" Votes On Reviews!!!

@Jackhound Mom   i share your frustration with the reviews.  i wish they would not allow people to review items that they have not even purchased. 

i don't understand what the "vote" is. 

are you talking abo ut the last three questions? 

who would you recommend if for, have you purchased it, and ...... sorry blank.

i too depend on the reviews to decide upon a purchase. 

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Re: "NO" Votes On Reviews!!!

@Jackhound Mom - The votes indicate whether readers found a review helpful; if they did not, they can vote "no." There's nothing crazy about that. Voting simply reflects opinions and does not necessarily mean a review is bad or wrong.


I read plenty of reviews and typically don't vote on them, but there are some that are really not useful, and sometimes I will give them a negative vote. If a review is totally off topic, for the wrong item, or for an item the person clearly never used/purchased, I've even reported it. In one case that I've noticed, reporting negative reviews for a brand new item no one had yet received resulted in removal of the reviews, so I think the system is working in that regard. Sadly, there are still plenty of reviews that should not have been posted for products, especially if they are supposedly evaluated beforehand.

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Re: "NO" Votes On Reviews!!!

   ditto, @loriqvc 


You took the words right out of my mind.


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Re: "NO" Votes On Reviews!!!

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Absolutely agree!  You are the second person in a few months to notice. 


At one point for a few months...all of my reviews were marked "no,"  but it was happening to others, as well, to reviews that I thought were excellent.  What's interesting, I wasn't getting "no's", previously, but then began getting them all the time.


For clothing, I had been giving my size, size ordered, height, weight, body build, applicable measurements including shoulder and arm length, comments on fabric, color, and fit, much more information than most other reviewers.  Those reviews were getting a "no."


I tested a Dyson vacuum comparing it to 2 others I own for a month.  Gave a long detailed explanation of my findings.  It was the most thorough review of any on QVC for this vacuum.  Some gave me "yes's," but someone gave me a "no."  


It appeared I was being stalked.  Some that were not as thorough weren't getting any. 


I don't give "no's" because I think the concept is disrespectful to shoppers who are doing QVC and buyers a favor by taking the time to write one.  What is the point?  Are reviewers supposed to go to "Review School" to  improve if they get too many "no's"?  They are shoppers, not professional reviewers.  And, there's no place for the person to explain why they gave a "no."  Maybe, as a reviewer, I'd like to know why someone didn't think my review was helpful.  


I don't know how much influence the "no's" have on buyers.  It doesn't me.  I stopped watching, but if I returned I wouldn't be surprised to see them there.  

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Re: "NO" Votes On Reviews!!!

If I vote no, it would be for something like this:  "I liked it."  Why did you like it? Or "I bought a medium."  That means nothing unless you give us your normal size in that brand, in another brand or even in a brick and mortar store.

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Re: "NO" Votes On Reviews!!!

@Jackhound Mom ,  reviews that get a "no", not helpful vote (from me) are like this:


I thought the lamp world look cute on my table but the cord's not long enough.


I returned it because the k-cups are more expensive than I thought they'd be.


My husband thought the hem was cut on a slant because the guy must've been drunk, so they sold it like that and called it "fashionable".


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Re: "NO" Votes On Reviews!!!

The only place I read reviews is for books on Amazon and only if I'm not familar with the author ... and I'll read the "look inside."


For QVC items ... I have no idea what someone's criteria is for judging. How can I rely on what they write.


So - I never read QVC reviews and only occasionally write one.

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Re: "NO" Votes On Reviews!!!

Someone could write the most descriptive review on an item, and if that review is not helpful to me, I will vote "No" on it.


Too bad if the author of the review doesn't like my doing that. I'm answering the question honestly that the review wasn't helpful to me. It may be helpful to someone else, but it wasn't helpful to me.

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Re: "NO" Votes On Reviews!!!

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I buy alot from the Q and do rely on the reviews. As far as the votes, as to whether the review was helpful or not, I usually only give them a yes if they take the time to post a picture of themselves in the product or a picture of something defective. As far as people not giving a yes to a well written review, well you have no control over that and should not take it personally.