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"Guaranteed Arrival By Christmas"

I'm skeptical based on some users experiences that an order on December 19th is "guaranteed" by QVC to arrive before Christmas with upgraded shipping.
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Re: "Guaranteed Arrival By Christmas"

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Re: "Guaranteed Arrival By Christmas"

I wouldn't risk it if it's that important to you, but that's me.



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Re: "Guaranteed Arrival By Christmas"

I have an order that was placed on the 19Th and shipped out the 20th with a delivery date of the 22nd. I will let you know if I receive it on that date or the date I do receive it. In the past all orders I have placed with promised delivery dates on or before Christmas have always arrived. Some right on Christmas Day.  

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Re: "Guaranteed Arrival By Christmas"

I ordered some earrings on Sunday, the were suppose to arrive on 12/22.  They were just shipped today (12/20) UPS Ground, I highly doubt they will be in California in time for Christmas.  So much for guaranteed delivery!

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Re: "Guaranteed Arrival By Christmas"

I did order a top for myself on the 19th but I don't need it by Christmas. This will be an interesting little test to see if they can follow through with their promise. I let you know the result.

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Re: "Guaranteed Arrival By Christmas"

If I really needed something for a specific date, this year I wouldn't be ordering from anyone this late in the season.  I say that not based on personal experience but based on all the troubles I'm seeing reported because of the massive online orders overwhelming all the delivery services.  They ARE delivering millions of packages every day, but if I were the one in a million not getting my goods, I'd be upset, too.  That sends me to local shopping.


Ironically, given the topic of this thread, I just today (12/20) received a shipment promised for after Christmas.

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Re: "Guaranteed Arrival By Christmas"

I really wish they wouldn't "guarantee" any delivery. They have no control over the carriers or the weather.  It only creates ill will for QVC when promised items don't arrive.  Just wait until 12/26, the mad customer complaints will start.

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Re: "Guaranteed Arrival By Christmas"

My son is very, very, extremely, very hard to shop for. Did I mention he's hard to buy a gift for? We always make lists, but we always try to think of a surprise or two for him, too. Well, just this afternoon my husband and I thought of the perfect gift - and placed the order for it from QVC. (It's the small duraflame stove heater that was on with Carolyn today). I paid the extra to have it here by 12/22. I'll be happy if it arrives by12/24. I'd like to have it for under the tree. Fingers crossed!🤞



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Re: "Guaranteed Arrival By Christmas"

[ Edited ]

I placed the last of my "last minute" gift orders on 12-16-17. The EDD was 12-22-17.

I received them all today!


I'm very happy with QVC's shipping. I'm on the east coast so not sure if that makes a difference or not.


**Edited to correct my order date. Originally I had put 12-17-17, but checked my order history and it was actually 12-16-17 when I placed my order.

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